January 7, 2013
Many violent movies under fire

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand and Sean Penn in Gangster Squad. (Handouts)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became a mega-star as a terminator, says movie violence alone shouldn't be targeted in the wake of such massacres as last month's Connecticut school shooting.

"(This is) entertainment and the other thing is a tragedy beyond belief. It's really serious and it's the real deal," Schwarzenegger told reporters at a press conference for his violent new movie The Last Stand, opening Jan. 18.

Nevertheless he calls for assuming a shared responsibility in its aftermath.

"I think whenever you have a tragedy like that you would be foolish not to look into what we can do as a society to improve the situation and to reduce the risk," said Schwarzenegger, who plays a small-town sheriff taking on a vicious gang of heavily-armed mercenaries in The Last Stand.