Pacino family man & stand up guy

Al Pacino (WENN.COM file photo)

Al Pacino (WENN.COM file photo)


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DING-DONG! Al Pacino's cell phone is chiming -- just as he's about to explain his rationale for agreeing to play yet another gangster type in the new film, Stand Up Guys.

"I'm sorry," he says as he pulls out the distraction and checks the screen. "My little kids are with me this week, so when I have the kids with me I keep the phone on just in case. But it isn't them."

Back to Stand Up Guys, opening Friday, in which Pacino plays the part of Val, a career criminal who has just completed serving a 28-year sentence for refusing to rat on an associate, only to find out his best friend, Doc (Christopher Walken) has been ordered to take out a hit on him.