Best Christmas Movie: Is it Die Hard, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation or The Santa Clause?

christmas collage semis

christmas collage semis

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Well, after starting out with 16 beloved Christmas favourites, we’re now down to our Final Four: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation vs. Home Alone and Die Hard vs. The Santa Clause.

Thanks for all of your votes in the earlier rounds.

In the quarter-finals, Scrooged proved to be no match for the Griswolds’ Christmas Vacation, which took 81% of the vote. The tilt between Die Hard and perennial classic It’s a Wonderful Life was closer, but McClane convinced 54% of you he’s ready for the semis. I’m as surprised as the next person that Tim Allen’s Santa Clause is still hanging around this competition, but 58% of you think it should advance to the next round. As they say, the reader is always right. Finally, it appears you like Macaulay Culkin. You really, really, like him. Home Alone thumped Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s The Holiday with 85% of the vote.

So here we are, just four movies away from crowning the ultimate Christmas classic. I hope everyone finds time to watch as many of these great holiday films in between visiting with family and friends.

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Christmas Vacation vs. Home Alone

Die Hard vs. The Santa Clause