Best Christmas Movie Ever: Die Hard vs. Christmas Vacation

Mark Daniell, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 6:27 PM ET

Earlier this December, we asked you to choose your favourite Christmas movie of all time. You know, the one that you absolutely, positively can’t-miss when the holidays kick into full swing. We’re talking turkey, presents, family, friends, and the one flick you can’t live without.

We started with 16 contemporary favourites, with a few perennial classics added to the mix. In the semi-finals, that cute Home Alone kid was no match for the Griswolds. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation throttled Home Alone with 70% of the vote. In our other matchup, Bruce Willis’ Die Hard had a lot more trouble with Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause, but still managed to win with 56% of the vote.

So we’re now down to two movies from the ‘80s – it was a classic decade after all – and you will need to decide which one is the Best Christmas Movie Ever.

Die Hard vs. Christmas Vacation – you knew it was going to end this way. Or maybe you didn’t.

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