December 3, 2012
Checking up on reality TV rockers
By Jane Stevenson, QMI Agency

(From left) Lukas Rossi, J.D. Fortune and Chris Daughtry. (WENN.COM, QMI file photos)

Did reality-TV ultimately do what even the loss of Michael Hutchence couldn't -- namely, convince INXS to retire?

Last month's announcement the venerable Australian rockers were quitting the touring circuit came after several years spent hiring/firing/rehiring/refiring frontman J.D. Fortune, who won the reality contest Rockstar:INXS in 2005.

The news of INXS's departure from the spotlight certainly dredges up memories of this trend (which burned out quickly even as the likes of American Idol and The X Factor endure).

Time was reality-TV could make you the frontman of a rock band -- or at least give you enough press to spin it into a career.

In addition to Fortune, there was rock screamer Chris Daughtry of American Idol's five season in 2006 who was eliminated in the Top Four - that year's winner was forgettable soul faker Taylor Hicks - but went on to become the most successful contestant of that season and continues to record and tour today.