January 10, 2013
10 biggest musical comebacks
By , QMI Agency

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler (left), Tina Turner (centre), and Elvis Presley (right) all made historical musical comebacks. (Reuters file photos)

The most reclusive man in music is back.
After shunning the business for ten years, enigmatic rocker David Bowie popped up out of nowhere on his 66th birthday on Monday with a brand new song and accompanying video (and a full album on deck in March). 
The reaction has been huge so far - the track, "Where Are We Now?," shot to the top of the iTunes chart in the U.K., and buzz has already begun as to whether the Thin White Duke will be doing a global tour in support of the new music.
However, it's a long ways off yet before we can consider "Bowie in 2013" amongst the greatest musical comebacks ever.
Here's a rundown of the best ever musical resurrections: