February 4, 2013
Bridging cultures through music
3rd annual Music Night in Canada

3rd Annual Music Night in Canada hosted by Quebecor Media and Music Canada as Etienne Drapeau performs at the National Arts Center in Ottawa Feb 4, 2013. (QMI Agency/ANDRE FORGET)

OTTAWA - The 3rd annual Music Night in Canada, hosted by Quebecor Media and Music Canada, was an enchanting spectacle of two artists in vogue, country music artist Johnny Reid and musician/songwriter Étienne Drapeau.

Attended by several cabinet ministers, including Heritage Minister James Moore, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wife Loreen, the two guest artists were moved by the event.

Moore noted there are too many "walls" between the general cultural milieu of Quebec and Canada, and an event such a this featuring an English artist and a French-speaking artist can "build bridges" between the two.