Ozzy Osbourne excited for Black Sabbath Canadian tour

Musicians Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath (L-R) pose with their award...

Musicians Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath (L-R) pose with their award for Best Metal Performance for "God is Dead?" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

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If anyone needed proof that rock n roll keeps you young look no further than the Prince of Darkness himself - Ozzy Osbourne.

The longtime hard-living but more recently sober (again) frontman for British heavy metal kingpins Black Sabbath turned 65 in December but says he feels like a teenager.

Im still 19, said Osbourne in his thick Birmingham accent and halting delivery down the line from L.A.

I was saying to (my wife) Sharon the other day, Guys I know, when they get to 60, they go, Thats it now. Im done. Im an old man. I dont wake up in the morning and go, Wow, Im 65. I just get on with it you know. I dont know how a 65 year old guys supposed to feel? I just had a physical and my doctors says, Youve got the heart of a 21-year-old and I cant believe it, nothings wrong. Ive had a f--ing wild life believe me.

Osbourne says these days, he exercises a lot and takes vitamins. Living in California. If you dont take vitamins, people think youre an alien.

Otherwise, Ozzy - whos been doing some writing for either a solo or Sabbath album - feels satisfied that hes gone full circle with Black Sabbath in its most recent incarnation.

The groups No.1 reunion album, 13, has exceeded all expectations with the group getting ready for a cross-Canada tour that will hit 10 cities this month as well as the famed Hollywood Bowl. This follows an immensely successful world tour last year that touched down in Toronto and Vancouver.

Black Sabbath has always had a big following, me as well, in Canada, said Osbourne, pointing out that 1978s Never Say Die! was recorded in Toronto.

We lived there for about three or four months. Wed gone up the ladder of success, wed found out the manager was ripping us off, and we had nobody to direct us. We lost our own direction ourselves. It was a pretty sad time.

Fast forward to 13s release last year and the overwhelming response to both the album, which saw Sabbath pick up a Grammy in February, and tour.

When we did the album 13 if that was going to be the last album I ever did with Black Sabbath it was okay because before in 1978 with Never Say Die! wasnt a good time for me with Black Sabbath, said Osbourne.

So if we never do another thing together again, we ended on a better note. The only sad thing was that (65-year-old original Sabbath drummer) Bill Ward never played on it (due to contract issues).

Osbourne doesnt say that will necessarily mean there will be another Sabbath record from him, bassist Geezer Butler, 64, and guitarist Tony Iommi, 66, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012 and is undergoing treatment, but hes not ruling anything out.

Everybody asks me if theres going to be a follow-up to 13? And all I can say is, I never say never anymore. I dont want to say, Yeah, were never going to do another album, because if everybody agrees and we dont take 500 years again to make another album, Im up for it. I wouldnt mind doing another Sabbath album.

Osbourne says Iommi is in good health as far as he knows and playing as strongly as ever.

I havent had one of them dark phone calls so I presume hes okay. Hes unbelievable. I mean, any of us could be diagnosed with cancer. I always think cancer means death. I didnt know anybody whod recovered. My wife recovered from colon cancer and that was the first person I ever knew. But he just accepts it and gets on with it. I mean its got to be worrying. But hes doing fine I think, I hope. Hes unbelievable. We all know our job, we all know our craft but hes a very talented guy. Considering on his fret hand hes got no fingertips, he plays with prosthetic fingers at the end. Ive often said to him, How the hell do you know when youre touching the strings? I dont know. Its amazing.

Osbourne says the Canadian set list will be similar to what Sabbath played in 2013 with some minor changes as the group rehearses in New York before coming north with Saskatoon guitarist Reignwolf (Jordan Cook) - I like him! says Ozzy - as their opening act.

Black Sabbath, weve such a roster, a catalogue of songs to choose from, but I dont think Ive ever been onstage without doing Paranoid or Iron Man or War Pigs, he said. I hope were going to do a little bit of a variation on the set.

Two Melbourne, Australia, dates on the 13 tour were filmed for a DVD release, Gathered in Their Masses, last fall, but Osbourne didnt know if the new Canadian shows might also be filmed.

Its possible. I dont want to say yes. I dont want to say no. I dont know. Canada is always loyal. Its kind of one of them countries, you leave and go Wow, it spoils you. On my last solo tour, I got a great reaction from Canada and then when I come back to New York to do a show, it was like They love my music there. The fans there are so f---ing hardcore.

Next up, is a Sabbath European tour in June, with one lone Middle East date.

Were going to the Arab Emirates wherever the f--- that is, he said. I said to Sharon were going to have five camels and a donky in the audience I think.

Cracking me up to the very end of this interview Osbourne says: I never take myself seriously you know. Ive seen in the past bands that are so cool they dont talk to each other, f--- that!

The Osbournes enjoy the reality-TV highlife

MTVs The Osbournes seems like such a long time ago in the world of reality TV.

But the members of Ozzy Osbournes family featured on that hit show have all gone on to success in other TV endeavours. Wife Sharon is a co-host on The Talk and daughter Kelly is a panelist on E!s Fashion Police and works red carpet events.

And last year, his son Jack - diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2012 - competed on Dancing with The Stars and placed an impressive third.

I was freaked out cause he said to me, Dad I want to do Dancing with The Stars, said Ozzy. I said, Youve got two f---ing left feet! He shocked the crap out of me. Jacks one of these guys, once hes got something on, hell do it properly. He shocked us all. Mind you had he not come third hed never heard the last of it from his sister Kelly cause she came third (in 2009 on DWTS).

Its unbelievable how my kids turned out considering Im a lunatic of a father.

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