Adam lands four singers on 'The Voice'

CeeLo and Adam on The Voice. (Handout)

CeeLo and Adam on The Voice. (Handout)


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TORONTO - Itís the second week of the blind auditions on The Voice as the judges fight to fill their teams. This week, the promise of amazing singers lingers, as always.

I guess weíll see.

Melanie Martinez is up first singing an acoustic indie version of Britney Spearsí Toxic. Instantly, Adam and Blake turn around while CeeLo gets around before the song finishes. Melanieís voice is smooth and her sound is original. Sheís also super cute with a big red bow on her head and a gap tooth. She chooses Adam, which seems like the perfect fit.

Sheís great and exactly what the show needs.

One hit wonder Cupid, maker of the viral dance song Cuban Shuffle, is hitting The Voice stage with his original song. He says he chose the song because he wants to do it justice and ďsing it how itís supposed to be sungĒ. He breaks out his song and dance on stage but doesnít win any judges over, probably because he sort of sounds like heís yelling, not singing. The judges ask him to sing a different song since he didnít make the best choice to showcase his talent. They all agree he can sing, but unfortunately, his chance is over.

A divorcee with a whole lot of heart and two super cute kids, Brian Scartocci singing Isnít She Lovely, wants to make his own dreams come true. His voice has a weird rasp to it, but he hits a note and wins Blake and Adam over. Blake gives him a huge sales pitch that includes the fact that they both dress the same and have beards. Brian says he would have went to CeeLo, had he turned around, but he ends up choosing Adam.

In things we didnít really see: three female duos donít get any chair-turning judges.

Beat Frequency, a married couple, hopes to break the streak of duo rejection. Giving up a home and the chance to have a family, this couple has a lot on the line. Singing a slow version of Katy Perryís E.T., once the husband chimes in, Christina presses her button. The performance is weird. A lot of hip thrusting and sexy dancing between the married couple. However, it seems like a classic choice for Christina.

Tyler Lillestol is a former college baseball player trading his bat in for a microphone. He currently sings the national anthem at the Dodgers baseball stadium but wants to really get to the big leagues of singing. Belting out You Got It Bad, he starts off strong but no one turns around. He draws out the last note and still, no one turns around.

A sad ending for Tyler.

Country girl Liz Davis is a self proclaimed ďfireballĒ. She moved to Nashville and waited tables to follow her dream and now sheís going to try and impress the judges (and by judges, I mean just Blake). Singing Here For The Party, sheís all legs and a big attitude.

She gets Adam and Christina to turn around quickly. Iím surprised Blake didnít turn around at the first country guitar note. He surprises me by turning around just as Iím telling my roommate I canít believe heís passing her up. The judges attempt to make their pitches but she ends up choosing Blake, obviously.

Travelling all the way from Alaska, YouTube singer JR Aquino wants to bring his singing live. With the hit Just The Way You Are, Christina and Adam are quick to turn around. Heís not mind-blowing by any means but heís not horrible. He definitely needs some coaching. CeeLo turns around at the last possible second. In some form of a miracle, JR picks CeeLo.

Signed to two different record labels that ended up changing their mind, Agina Alvarez is ready to stop being a struggling artist and sings Turn The Beat Around. Based on her demeanor and style, her voice is surprising. Sheís good, but clearly not good enough to make it onto a team.

Reformed ex band member and heavy drinker, Nicholas David wants to send a message that things get better. With an acoustic guitar and singing Stand By Me, the big-bearded man gets CeeLo to turn around. Nicholas gets a sure spot on CeeLoís team and even CeeLoís pink parrot is happy with the choice.

Alessandra Guercio, a 17-year-old performing arts student, sings The Climb and instantly wins Adam over with her huge voice. She sort of has the sound of a Glee character and some of her high notes are a bit testy but sheís gorgeous and outgoing. CeeLo hits his button before the song is over. She chooses Adam, which seems like a better fit than CeeLo would be for her voice.

In things we didnít see, again: Adanna Duru gets snagged by Adam, Kelly Crapa gets picked up by Blake, and Christina scores a girl named Paulina.

Last up is Avery Wilson singing one of the hottest song of the summer, Without You. The crowd goes absolutely nuts and CeeLo, Adam, and Christina turn around right away. Heís pretty amazing and his confidence draws you in, so I get why everyone is going crazy. Blake manages to hit his button just as the chorus winds down.

The judges are blown away.

In the end, the hottest singer of the night chooses CeeLo. A big change from last night when CeeLo could barely pick up the scraps of singers.

Team count:

Adam landed four singers, making his team hit nine total.

Blake added two singers on his team to total seven.

CeeLo scored three singers to also make his team seven strong.

Christina got two singers to total nine.

Tomorrow, even more blind auditions as the judges make their way to a team of 16 singers.