December 22, 2012
MacFarlane Entertainer of '12
By Kevin Williamson, QMI Agency

Seth MacFarlane (Reuters file photo)

So to be clear: not everyone is a fan of Seth MacFarlane or his signature creation. Infantile and insipid? Inspired and ingenious? All of the above? Whatever you think of Family Guy (and it continues to attract as much vitriol as praise) 2012 marked a breakthrough for the 39-year-old mastermind of Quahog — so much so in fact that he tops our list of the year’s 10 most influential entertainers. Giggidy giggidy.

In addition to overseeing the misadventures of the loutish Griffin clan – as well as producing two other animated shows, The Cleveland Show and American Dad – MacFarlane nabbed a Grammy nomination for his 2011 album Music Is Better Than Words, hosted Saturday Night Live and made a little movie called Ted.