January 8, 2013
The latest TV gossip news
By LINDA MASSARELLA, Special to QMI Agency

Katherine Heigl. (WENN.COM)

It's been a busy post-holiday week on the set of TV shows in Hollywood with rumours of decadent diva demands, frantic casting calls for couples willing to be thrown into the remote wilderness -- and sad feelings as friends move on.


Grey's Anatomy hasn't quite been the same since many of the cast members, including Katherine Heigl, jumped ship in 2010, leaving original actors Sandra Oh, Patrick Demspey and Ellen Pompeo to mind the gurneys in the perennially popular medical series.

But Heigl, Pompeo and Oh were still very friendly because they all live in the same Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

In fact, Oh helped throw Heigl a baby shower in 2009 when she welcomed her infant adopted daughter from South Korea.

Now Heigl, 34, who had a successful switch to film with fare such as 27 Dresses and One for the Money, is moving on again.