'Bachelor' Sean doubts finding love



Samie Durnford, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 10:31 PM ET

Lindsay, the girl who wore a wedding dress on the first show, snagged the first one-on-one date after Sean whisked all the girls away to Montana.

After a picnic and some making out, he gave her a rose and took her to a cheering crowd where they were serenaded by yet another country band we havenít heard of. (Seriously, who were they?)

Some awkward dancing in front of a swaying crowd, the shortest one-on-one date in Bachelor history came to an end with Sean dropping the Ďwifeí bomb more than once when he talked about Lindsay to the camera.

Next up came the group date where the girls were put outside to do a ĎMontana relay race.í The girls were less than enthusiastic (probably due to being outside and being forced to be active) when they were pitted against each other to canoe, drag hay, saw wood, and drink goatís milk.

It was Bachelor turned Survivor.

Selma also shocked us all by wearing the most outrageous headpiece and Sarah blinded us with a hot pink vest. Luckily, the show put them all in cute matching plaid to tone down the unofficial outdoor fashion competition that seemed to be happening.

The red team took the win, sending the sad girls of the blue team instantly on a bus home.

Selma, Desiree, Sarah, and Robyn all got some extra time with Sean since they won the outdoor battle.

But, in a twist, Sean invites the Blue team out to crash his date with the red team. The red team is not impressed that they went through the entire competition to, basically, get nothing.

Tierra says itís not fair that sheís left out, so she decides to crash the group date. She sneaks up on Sean when heís doing an interview and puts her hands around his eyes as a surprise. Heís definitely shocked, but happy to see her nonetheless. Or, maybe he was just afraid. Fear and surprise are hard to tell apart sometimes, true!?

Sheís upset she was invited on a two-on-one date saying, ďIt felt like a slap in the face.Ē

The group date turned cocktail party was an overall mess with girls crying, stealing kisses, and overall being upset and jealous.

On the two-on-one date with Jackie and Tierra, itís tense as Tierra already starts calling Sean her husband. Jackie decides to tattle on Tierra and has a chat with Sean about some of the not so great things Tierra has done.

However, he takes Tierra aside and she gives him the olí sob story, which wins him over and he decides to send Jackie home.

At the Ďbefore the roseí cocktail party, Tierra storms off and Robyn and Lesley decide to confront her. Tierra gets pretty upset but the girls donít back off until she gets very upset and tells them theyíre insecure and childish.

Sean decides to turn to Lesley for the truth, but Lesley beats around the bush and doesnít give much clarity for Sean. He tells the host, Chris Harrison, that heís really disappointed and sad about this week.

At the rose ceremony, only Robyn was sent home.

In: Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, Desiree, Lindsay, Tierra, Daniella.

Out: Robyn, Jackie.

Donít forget to tune in tomorrow! They take a trip to Canada and Tierra gets really ďhurtĒ and sent to the hospital.