February 8, 2013
The week's reality TV update
By Samie Durnford, QMI Agency

Tierra jumps out of the water in Alberta on 'The Bachelor'. (ABC)

Fake it till you make it

When Sean took the Bachelor girls to Alberta for a dip in Lake Louise, they were all less than thrilled. Tierra moaned and groaned about having to do the cold swim, but decided she'd be a trooper and jump in. Once she got out, however, her grumbling turned into a fit. She stated she couldn't breathe and with mascara running down her face, paramedics whisked her to the hotel to heat up. With a visit from Sean to perk her up, she decided she'd rested enough and crashed the cocktail party, making even more enemies this week and leaving everyone to wonder if her medical emergency was just some B-grade acting to get attention.