February 22, 2013
10 must-see TV shows
By Bill Harris, QMI Agency

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, will host the 85th Academy Awards. (REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/Files)

TV columnist Bill Harris offers his top 10 picks for what shows to watch next week.

1) Academy Awards

Why you should watch: Host Seth MacFarlane usually is completely fearless, so there's that. We got a little taste of what might be in store when the Oscar nominations were announced, and MacFarlane made edgy jokes about everyone from studio exec Harvey Weinstein to Hitler.

When: Sunday on ABC, CTV

2) Big Brother Canada

Why you should watch: Canadian fans of reality TV have been waiting for this opportunity for many years. A diverse group of Canuck contestants living together in the same house will try to out-wit and ultimately eliminate each other. Let the polite Canadian-style vicious back-stabbing begin.

When: Wednesday on Slice, Global