February 22, 2013
This week's reality TV highlights
By Samie Durnford, QMI Agency

'The Bachelor' star Sean Lowe at The Grove to appear on entertainment news show 'Extra.' (Josiah True/WENN.COM)

Reality TV columnist Samie Durnford recaps the week's biggest shockers and yawners.

Hometown showdown

Sean travelled to the hometowns of the four remaining girls to meet the parents this week on The Bachelor and was left more confused than ever. Not helping? Desiree's brother, who was aching for a fight with "playboy" Sean. We were as shocked as Sean, who tried to convince him that he had real feelings for Des. But her brother wasn't buying any of it. And while she tried to make up for her brother's intensity, it didn't pay off. In the end, Sean decided immature Catherine was a better choice to keep around -- her sisters weren't nearly as intimidating as Desiree's tatted bro.

Grocery star

Getting her mom duties on, Snooki headed to the grocery store for the first time since college. But her amateur status was hard to hide. First clue: she picked up an apple and questioned if it's even an apple. She also stopped another shopper to ask if hamburger meat is used for taco meat. Lastly, she bought an assortment of baby