February 25, 2013
Meet 'Big Brother' contestants
By Bill Harris, QMI Agency

It takes all types to make up the Big Brother Canada house.

Fifteen people will be packed into the edifice, starting Wednesday on Slice and Global. Through exclusive interviews, here's a fun look at six of the contestants, who reveal their hopes, fears, inspirations and aspirations:

Danielle Alexander

Age: 20.

From: Fort McMurray, Alta.

About: Aspiring actress.

Why: "It can give me a lot of exposure and I could win a lot of money. I don't take s--- from anybody. So I think (the producers) probably thought that would be good to throw into a big house full of people."

Crazy past: "I went to university twice, hated it twice. Going to university and knowing I was going to hate it was crazy."

Inspiration: "Rachel McAdams."

Biggest hope: "I hope people don't judge me too much, because I do realize my looks get in the way of a lot of things."

Biggest fear: "I'm sure I'll probably come across as a bitch."