Reality TV roundup: 'Survivor' suspense and a Kardashian Christmas

Keeping up with the Kardashians Christmas Special. (Handout/EOnline)

Keeping up with the Kardashians Christmas Special. (Handout/EOnline)

SAMANTHA O'CONNOR, Special to QMI Agency

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This season's Survivor has been filled with nothing but surprises, but this week brought the suspense to a new level.

Just to start, Caleb's house of cards and his million dollar dreams came crashing down at the Redemption Island challenge this week as the two moms, Laura and Tina continued their winning streak. Laura gave Ciera the clue to the new immunity idol and she shared it with her alliance of Tyson, Gervase and Monica. T

he survivors scattered in search of the idol, but it was Tyson who climbed a tree and found it, once again. At the Immunity challenge, Gervase solidified his safety for another week and shared his reward of ice cream with Tyson and Monica. A now desperate Hayden decided he had nothing else to lose and pleaded with Ciera and Gervase to vote out Tyson, as he believed no one will beat him at the end if they don't make a move now.

Their alliance seemed unbreakable and they refused. But at tribal council it was obvious Hayden had gotten to Ciera as she flipped on her alliance and voted for Monica. The votes were even, three votes for Hayden and three votes for Monica. Even after a double vote, they remained the same.

Since the Survivors could not decide on which one to vote out and Gervase was safe, it was Survivor rules that Katie, Ciera and Tyson had to pick rocks, which happened for the second time in Survivor history. Whoever chose the white rock would be sent to Redemption Island immediately. It was Katie who picked the white rock and she was reunited with her mother.


On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality TV royal family premiered their very merry Christmas special this week.

The famous family, with an absent Lamar, Kanye and the children, reflected on previous Christmases with home videos reaching back to the 80s as they sat in their silk pajamas drinking champagne and laughing at each other before exchanging odd presents such as a double-chin exerciser and fake lottery tickets. After the corny posed shots, the special took viewers behind the scene of the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card shoot with famous photographer David LaChapelle and the regular-scheduled drama followed.

The family clashed on ideas about the card when LaChapelle stated that he thought only the girls should be in the shot. Bruce, who had been a part of the card for 23 years and Kourtney, who wanted her children to be in it stomped their feet to the idea. In the end though, they all managed to shine in the elaborate wardrobe and set. Bruce and Kris, although separated, also promised the family that their relationship status will in no way affect the holiday traditions that the family has made over the years.


Following Holley Mangold's emotional elimination on The Biggest Loser last week, host Alison Sweeney announced that the Olympic weightlifter wasn't the only one headed home.

With a spin of the wheel, it was decided that one player would be sent packing to see their family for the week, bringing along their trainer and that competitor's weight would count for their entire team at this week's weigh-in. While the rest of the ranchers didn't want that kind of pressure, Jay was ecstatic when he was chosen to return to his own ranch in Farmington, Missouri.

Jillian on the other hand, was not, as she complained the majority of the episode about anything and everything. Back on the Biggest Loser ranch, Dolvett brought Rachel to an Olympic swimming pool, when he found out that she was once a national level swimmer to trigger her competitive side, while Bob trained both the Blue and the White teams.

At the weigh-in, the majority of the contestants were pulling up very small numbers. Both Ruben and Hap, the biggest men on the ranch, only lost two pounds this week. After Jay and Bobby both were weighed-in at losing 12 pounds each, Ruben was sent home for the second time.


Some hearty snacks and tasty delicacies were prepared and served on The Amazing Race this week. The final four teams were required to eat snake before cooking hardboiled eggs in the boiling crater of a volcano in Indonesia as part of their Roadblock.

Marie, who is 29 years old displayed her level of intelligence when explaining that she had never hardboiled an egg before and held her basket over the water for a length of time before realizing that she must let it boil in the hot water. Besides their genius, Marie and partner Tim are always lost, how do they always pull through in the end? At this week's Detour, teams had to choose between looking for a pair of clipping shears in a large field or decorating their teammate as a bride.

All teams but Leo and Jamal chose to do each other's makeup in another cross-dressing moment for The Amazing Race books. Although humiliating, the cross-dressing teams finished first and it was Leo and Jamal who reached the pit stop last this week. To their relief, they were still safe as it was a non-elimination leg of the race.

Quote of the week: "The next time you see me, I'll still be your Velvet Teddy-bear, just without the stuffing." - Ruben Studdard after his elimination on The Biggest Loser

Surprising Moment: At tribal council, the survivors had to choose rocks to identify the castaway eliminated for the second time ever in Survivor history

Fearless Prediction: Tyson, who has dominated the game of Survivor this season will surely win the million dollar prize

Lucky Ducks: The trouble-maker cousins, Leo and Jamal were luckily saved in the non-elimination leg of The Amazing Race