Lauren Ash having a blast on ‘Super Fun Night’

(Brian To/WENN.COM)

(Brian To/WENN.COM)

Bill Harris, QMI Agency

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There it is, right there in sparkling lights in the opening credits of Super Fun Night, the name Lauren Ash. The Canadian comedian understands the simple value of that.

"It was my third Second City review before I even got mentioned in the review," says Ash, recalling her comedy stage-show days in Toronto.

"It was the third review where it finally was like, 'And Lauren Ash is here.' Thank God, it's about time!"

But now Ash is one of the stars of a high-profile U.S. network sitcom, Super Fun Night, which has been airing Wednesdays on ABC and City. Also starring Rebel Wilson and Liza Lapira, Super Fun Night is scheduled to return with back-to-back new episodes on Jan. 8.

"Career-wise this definitely is a game-changer," Ash says. "But I'm glad I have the experience that I do as opposed to coming into this as a teenager or something.

"It's huge and wonderful and also a bit scary, so I'm grateful that I'm at this stage of my life, because I can just delight in it. And if it all goes away, then I go home and I keep my career that I had for the past decade. But I'm reveling in it at this point."

Ash feels that Super Fun Night is trying to break new ground - or at least different ground, considering the wider TV landscape in 2013-14 - on a couple of fronts. First, it's a buddy comedy focused on women, which is rare. And second, the tone of the comedy on Super Fun Night has heart, not cynicism.

"A lot of the female-centric shows, which I love, like Girls and Sex and the City, they do have a very strong sex base, and I love watching those shows, but our show is just different," Ash says. "There's a level of innocence, which is not something you see a lot of in female-centric shows.

"I think we're going after a demographic that's a little bit wider, because Sex and the City is great and I love it, but I can't really relate to being a high-powered lawyer in New York City who has eight men a week. But I can kind of relate to the three girls in Super Fun Night, who chill out on the couch on Fridays and don't really put themselves out there.

"It's heightened, yes, but there's an innocence, especially with my character, that doesn't necessarily mean dumb. It doesn't have that harsh, jaded edge. These girls are leading less jaded existences, which I think is endearing."

The writers on Super Fun Night did toss a little Canadian humour Ash's way in the most recent episode that aired. When Marika (Ash), Kimmie (Wilson) and Helen-Alice (Lapira) got lost on a Christmas-tree trek and wound up in a secluded cabin, Marika surveyed the scene and said, "Bearskin rug ... moose head on the wall ... this place is either owned by taxidermists or Canadians ... either way, we could be in for a tussle."

Canadian stereotypes aside, Canadians do have names. Lauren Ash has one. Get to know it.