Benedict Cumberbatch hangs out on 'Sesame Street'

PBS screen grab

PBS screen grab

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You gotta love Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actor, who isnít afraid to poke a little fun at his Sherlock persona, appeared on Sesame Street to take on Murray-arty, a devious Muppet who issues a ďbrain-bending challengeĒ to Cumberbatch.

Murray- arty places apples and oranges on a table and asks ďBenedict SherlockĒ if he can deduce which there is more of.

ďIím going to need some help,Ē Cumberbatch quips before he introduces Sesame Streetís The Count. Benny solves the problem, showing us heís one smart man. But the short video was further proof that fans are right to love him so.