December 9, 2005
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Vehicular suicide on 'Survivor'
By -- JAM! Showbiz

Cindy Hall won a new car but not 'Survivor Guatemala'.

The 'Survivor' car curse lives on.

Like every one of the past players who have won a new car on the CBS reality show series, Cindy Hall, the 31-year-old zookeeper from Florida, will not go on to take home the million dollar cheque. Upon winning the vehicle at the Reward Challenge on last night's broadcast, Cindy was given a choice by host Jeff Probst to perhaps bury the infamous curse once and for all. If Cindy gave up her car, all of the other players would have been rewarded with new vehicles. Citing that there were no guarantees of safety in the game, Cindy declined the offer and drove off to a barbecue feast with alliance mate Stephenie Lagrossa.

Once back at camp, Cindy prattled on and on about her prize driving the rest of the Xhakum tribe insane with jealousy. Even the good-natured Rafe Judkins was ready to push Cindy head first into the fire pit. As you would expect, Cindy's musings about her pristine motor vehicle and the fact that the others determined she was too much of an Immunity Challenge threat to keep around for the final phase of the game sealed her fate.

"I'll be thinking of all of you when I see the stars through the sun roof of my new car," Cindy remarked to the remaining players as she took her Walk of Shame.

With Cindy gone, 'Survivor Guatemala' has its final four. On Sunday night's two-hour finale, Rafe Judkins, Danni Boatwright, Stephenie Lagrossa and Lydia Morales will vie for the title of 'Sole Survivor' and the million dollar grand prize.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

Xhakum Tribe


Xhakum Tribal Happenings (Night 37)

As everyone stands around the fire, Queen Steph cannot believe that Juddhead called them all "scumbags". Rafe: He was really pissed. Cindy demands to know why she wasn't told of the scheme to vote out Juddhead. "I am beginning to see a pattern here," says Cindy. She is referring to how Judd wasn't told Jamie was being kicked and then Judd was next to go. Steph: We wanted to tell you. Rafe: You are still here. He isn't.

Cindy: She is going to have to get over the betrayal and carry on.

Xhakum Tribal Happenings (Day 38)

Everyone sits around and discusses what they will not miss about Guatemala. The conversation switches to poking fun at the players.

Rafe: I am the gay guy and the last man standing. He jokes that the remaining women are "Rafe's Angels". Now that all of the "cool kids" are gone, everyone feels they can act more like dorks sometimes.

Lydia: Rafe is so gentle he is one of the girls.

Rafe: Being close friends with everyone might get me to the end.

The players get tree mail. It is a car key. Everyone is excited. Rafe: One of us will own a new car by the time the day is done. Steph: I have never had my own car. I desperately need a car. Lydia is going to try hard to win it for her teenage son.

Reward Challenge

Elements of past challenges are incorporated in one mega challenge. First stage: Walk a balance beam and untie some Mayan throwing weapons. Only the first three across the finish line will move on. Second stage: The players must fire the throwing weapons at a tile 30 feet away and break it. The first two to do so will continue. Third phase: Solve a jig-saw puzzle based on the Mayan calendar then run over to a rail cart, cut the rope and race down a hill to the finish line.


  • A new car and an over-night barbecue feast.


  • Steph, Cindy and Danni win the first round. Cindy and Steph beat Danni at the target practice round. Cindy solves her puzzle first.

  • Winner: Cindy.

    Cindy declines to relinquish her prize so nobody else gets a car. "I am here to beat the odds. Giving people cars doesn't mean they will give you a million bucks," says Cindy. Probst allows Cindy to take someone on the over-night barbecue. Since Steph finished second, she picks her.

    Reward Happenings (Day 38)

    Steph is genuinely excited for Cindy. Cindy feels that. The women drive up to a dig site. An archaeologist greets them and leads them to their feast.

    Cindy: It was strange having the power to give new cars to four people. Nobody ever gets the chance to do that except maybe Oprah. I don't think anyone is bitter about my decision.

    Yaxha Tribal Happenings (Day 38)

    To say Rafe is resentful is an understatement. Rafe to Danni: It doesn't seem like there was a choice to be made. I would never take a car for myself. Danni: I would have given up my car in a heartbeat. Rafe: If Cindy had given me a car, there is no way I could vote her out.

    Reward Happenings (Day 38)

    Once the women have finished eating, the archaeologist returns and starts discussing aspects of the Mayan culture with them. He points out that the names of the original tribes in the game meant "green and blue" and "water". Cindy: The stories were interesting but I couldn't help staring at my new car. Steph and Cindy head off to bed. They sit and strategize. A key conversation ensues. Steph to Cindy: Danni has to go next. It would really suck if she went to the end as she was not in our original alliance. Cindy: She has to go next. She will come on stronger by the day. We had plenty of opportunities to get rid of her. Steph: Rafe will go with the plan. He is a smart kid. He will be fine with it.

    Xhakum Tribal Happenings (Day 39)

    Steph and Cindy arrive back at camp. At every opportunity, Cindy yaps about how great the car is. Rafe: Cindy's babbling is grating on everyone. Doesn't she see that nobody is listening to her? Can she not read people's body language?

    Cindy: Everyone was excited for me. Nobody was bitter.

    Steph and Rafe sit and talk. Steph: Cindy felt bad about the choice she made. I don't understand why. Rafe contends there was no option. Cindy should have given them all cars. Steph: Really? Why?

    Steph: There is no way I would have traded in my car. Rafe likes to play the martyr too often. This is the first time in the game where we have disagreed about something.

    Lydia pipes in: Cindy made the right choice.

    Rafe: What happened today has opened my eyes. Am I playing the game too nicely?

    Immunity Challenge

    Probst prods Cindy into yapping about that darn car some more. Cindy: It is awesome that it is mine!

    For the challenge, the players are tied to a rope and have their arms and legs shackled. They have to use keys to unlock themselves at various poles and unwind the rope so they have enough to run to the finish line.


  • Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


  • Steph never really surrenders the lead.

  • Winner: Steph.

    Probst points out that this is Steph's first Individual Immunity Challenge victory. Queen Steph chokes back the tears.

    Xhakum Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 39)

    Steph: I am stunned that I won Immunity. I never even thought I would make it past the very first Tribal Council.

    Rafe and Danni plot. They promise each other final three. Rafe claims nothing will change his vote. He will not vote to boot Danni. Danni: Steph might try to sway you.

    Danni: I trust Rafe. He is an honest guy.

    Rafe and Steph walk and talk. Rafe: Cindy is a fierce competitor. Steph is not sure about kicking Cindy. That means she would lose another vote if she is lucky enough to make it to the jury.

    Steph: It would be really sad to turn on Cindy. She did take me on the reward.

    Cindy and Steph chat. Steph explains that Rafe said Cindy is a big threat. Cindy: Rafe is the bigger threat. Cindy: It might be good to get rid of Rafe and make sure it is all women in the final four.

    Xhakum Tribal Council Happenings

    Rafe: Everyone feels threatened. He is the last male left. Cindy: I have felt uneasy since the merge. I am the odd person out. About the car, Cindy is sure she did the right thing. There are no guarantees in the game. She calls the 'Survivor' car curse "silly". Cindy calls Rafe the "complete package". He does well at challenges and everyone likes him.

    Cindy writes down Rafe's name. Cindy: You are a tough competitor and dang it, people like you. When cannot see who Lydia votes for but she says that individual is a good person. She is just voting with the rest of the tribe on this one. Rafe picks Cindy. He likes her but she always votes whichever way the wind blows.

    Final Voting

    3. LYDIA MORALES: Cindy.
    4. CINDY HALL: Rafe.
    5. RAFE JUDKINS: Cindy.

    Tribal Council Victim: CINDY HALL.

    Cindy: "I'll be thinking of all of you when I see the stars through the sun roof of my new car."

    Parting Comments

  • "I believe the one thing I will miss the most is the sounds of the jungle. This is literally nature's orchestra. I didn't win a million bucks but I have memories that are priceless. You cannot put dollar signs on the things I will have in my head and my heart for the rest of my life." -- CINDY HALL .

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    With only three days left, everything is on the line. Rafe: I have a chance to win a million dollars. Steph: I am going to give them hell. Probst is shown announcing who the next person voted off will be but we don't hear who it is. Probst: Join us for the two-hour finale and find out who will be the "Sole Survivor".

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • From her conversation with Rafe it seems Steph knows her case is going to be a tough sell to the jury. I would guess she is playing for second now.

  • Danni and Rafe's alliance might get them far. Danni is clever. She only promised Rafe final three as she fully understands she has no chance against him in front of the jury.

  • Ever the wise women except when it comes to keeping her big yap shut, Cindy's conversation with Steph before they went to bed while on the over-night reward could be one of those foreshadowing quotes or bits of conversation that the editors just love to throw in each season.

  • Check the Tale of The Torch page on Sunday for my finale predictions including who will finish where and what the jury vote might be. Also, join me for my last chat of the 'Survivor Guatemala' season on Sunday, December 11th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT. Look for the link at the top of the CANOE homepage. To submit your question ahead of time, click here.

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