February 17, 2006
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A Misty goodbye on 'Survivor'
By -- JAM! Showbiz

There was no Hidden Immunity Idol to save Misty Giles on last night's episode of 'Survivor: Exile Island'.

The 'Survivor' game is ever changing. One random factor tossed into such a volatile mix can have explosive results. For rocket scientist Misty Giles, the performances of the elder Casaya Tribe members at a rough and tumble Immunity Challenge shone the spotlight on her shortcomings as an athlete.

Elder tribemates Ruth Marie Milliman and Daniel Barry stepped it up and fought hard and fought well proving to the others that the younger folks do not easily intimidate them. With their heads temporarily off the chopping block, the focus shifted to Misty and her inability to pose a serious threat to the rival Casaya Tribe during any of the physical challenges but presenting a threat to her own tribe as many thought her to be a dangerous and manipulative player based on her actions.

Cheaply using the flirt card to gain favour with the men, Misty was too desperate too soon and her tactics blew up in her face as a result.

With Misty taking the Walk of Shame, one 'Exile Island' mystery was solved...sorta. After the vote, Misty made it known that she did not find the Hidden Immunity Idol and could not use it to save herself, much to the relief of Ruth Marie who was next in line to be kicked based on the votes cast.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

La Mina Tribe

1. Misty Giles.
2. Sally Schumann.
3. Terry Deitz.
4. Austin Carty.
5. Nick Stanbury.
6. Ruth Marie Milliman.
7. Dan Barry.

Casaya Tribe

1. Courtney Marit.
2. Danielle DiLorenzo.
3. Aras Baskauskas.
4. Bobby Mason.
5. Cirie Fields.
6. Bruce Kanegai.
7. Shane Powers.

Casaya Tribal Happening (Night Six)

Knowing they are pretty much lost without him, Casaya greets Sensei Bruce with open arms. Sizing up the tribe's wretched situation, Sensei grabs control of the reins and reminds everyone that he is an expert when it comes to living in the wilderness. They need water and quick.

Sensei: They all have good hearts but lack of water will destroy them. Putting his background as a teacher to work, Sensei senses there are six different personalities or profiles in the tribe and he knows how to work them all.

Shane-O- Mac(hiavellian): Bruce is neurotic and he grates on my nerves but I am just going to let him do his thing.

Sensei enlightens the grasshoppers. If they filter the water through layers of clothing, it will be safe to drink. Courtney has had survival training as well and she doesn't think all of the bacteria will be strained through the impromptu filtration system. Bruce admits Courtney is right but everyone still guzzles.

Hold the phone. The Bob Dawg speaks. Bob Dawg: The Bob Dawg says the Sensei is no jabroni. Sensei's knowledge makes the tribe more powerful. He is a valuable asset. If you smell what the Bob Dawg is cooking.

Sensei: He is emerging as the tribe leader even though he was picked last during the switcheroo. In your face, Casaya!

La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day Seven)

Ruth Marie is cooking a down-home, tasty, snail stew breakfast. There is nothing like momma's home cooked meals...even if you crack a couple of bicuspids on the shells.

Taking on the role as tribal nutritionist, Nick is sure that unless they catch some fish quick, the whole La Mina Tribe might end up on one of those charity infomercials hosted by Rod Black or Sally Struthers.

With dumbass Sally firing the fishing spear into the bottom of the ocean last episode, Nick and Austin are forced to do things the "old school" way with a hook and a line. Regrettably, they just keep catching puffer fish which if not prepared properly by an expert chef prior to being eaten, will first paralyse you and then kill you. Not a good way to go. Austin: How did we lose the spear again?

Nick: To be out fishing for two and then return to camp with nothing to show for your efforts is a waste of time.

Terry manages to catch a sardine. The tribe freaks over it.

Austin: Terry caught Nemo.

Sally: We need to catch more or we're done.

Reward Challenge

When asked about how Bruce is fitting in with his tribe, Bob Dawg calls him the tribe's "saviour" with an "upbeat attitude".

While members of their team stand on a balancing beam in the water, the others take turns firing balls at them using a giant slingshot. First tribe to five wins.


  • A tarp, pillows, rope, water cans, lanterns and kerosene. As an added bonus, the power to pick which member of the rival tribe will be shoving off for Exile Island.


  • The challenge goes back and forth with Shane, Nick, Aras and Terry doing some fine catching.

  • Winners: La Mina

  • La Mina huddles. Someone says Casaya will crumble without Sensei. Austin announces that Casaya made a huge blunder when they revealed how important Bruce is to them. They pick Sensei. How rude! Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): So, you are playing for keeps, huh?

    La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day Seven)

    Terry: The tarp and everything else couldn't have come at a better time. They will always have fire now too. Again, Terry is stoked for his team. This Terry guy gets stoked a lot it seems.

    Dan helps put the tarp on the shelter. Because of the hovel's "domed interior", it is a perfect fit. Okay, Rocket Robin Hood.

    As it pours outside, La Mina is pretty much nice and dry in their shelter. Terry says they should take a moment and think of Bruce.

    Terry: It was a tough call but we had to send Bruce. I feel badly about it. I wouldn't want to be him right about now.

    Exile Island Happenings (Night Seven)

    No Bruce Lee action film poses from Sensei this time around. He is soaked and miserable. Sensei: I didn't even get to spend 24 hours with my tribe. I have spent more time on Exile Island then at camp. Sensei doesn't have time to look for the idol. He is too busy getting his butt kicked by the storm. Oh, yeah. Mother Nature has a black belt, Sensei.

    Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day Eight)

    Courtney and Danielle work on the fire while Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) sits on his thinking rock.

    Courtney: Sendin' Sensei to Exile Island was like, ya know, one of thuh most evil thin's she has ever seen. Losin' thuh reward and havin' Bruce sent away has been a downer.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) has yet another Sybil moment. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): This is my thinking seat. No one else can sit on this seat. I picked it. I want this one! Everyone tries not to make eye contract with the crazy man sitting on a boulder.

    Obi-Wan Aras: I have made an alliance with three nut jobs. What was I thinking? Qui-Gon Jin's ghost is gonna be pissed.

    Cirie yucks it up. They have aligned themselves with people they cannot stand? Too funny.

    Courtney asks Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) for help moving a log on the fire. They get into an argument. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) to Courtney: You are out of your mind. Courtney: Will you relax? Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) walks off in a huff to lay down in the shelter. Speaking to Danielle, Courtney voices her displeasure with Shane. Courtney: I did not do anythin' wrong. That dude needs to get his angst out and he is like, ya know, takin' it out on me. I don't want to be picked on.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): Courtney is a lunatic. I have to stay in the alliance though because I swore on my son's life. How do I set things right with her?

    La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day Eight)

    Sally, Misty, Austin and Nick meet. Sally is sure their foursome can run through the game if they stick together.

    Misty: Sally is working them hard. There's too much of a boy's club here.

    Misty is shown giving Austin and Nick back rubs on the beach.

    Sally and Misty talk privately. Sally thinks it is cool Misty is using her Southern charms on the men while she is pretending to be their pal. Misty says they just need to keep everyone thinking they are the weak "little girls".

    Austin: He is stuck in the middle. Everyone trusts him.

    Sally: She and Misty need to keep Austin and Nick on their side. Terry is a power player who is very dangerous after the merge.

    Immunity Challenge

    Women and men wrestling around in the sand. Cirie sitting on people. Could this be the best Survivor challenge ever? In phases, the two tribes wrestle each other for a pillow buried in the sand. If a player touches their tribe's mat while in possession of the pillow, they score a point. First to score three points is the victor.


  • Immunity from Tribal Council.


  • Obi-Wan Aras uses some ineffective yoga, pressure point move on somebody's leg. Cirie sits on people King Kong Bundy style. Misty is warned not to choke people. In the final heat, Ruth Marie runs with the pillow. The Bob Dawg grabs her and drags her to Casaya's mat to score the final point. Know your role and shut your mouth, indeed.

  • Winners: Casaya.

    La Mina Pre-Tribal Council Happenings

    A naīve Terry thought he caught get the tribe to the merger intact. Oh well. The game moves on and there is always tomorrow.

    Nick, Terry, Dan and Austin discuss things. They see Ruth Marie as being the weakest but Terry says Misty is smart and could cause them a lot of trouble the longer she stays around.

    Sally, Misty, Austin and Nick hold a conference. Sally pleads Dan's case. He did awesome during the challenge. He will really contribute a lot to the tribe. Ruth Marie is fading fast though.

    Terry gives Ruth Marie a pep talk. He congratulates her on doing well at the challenge. She did give her all.

    Austin: Nick and I have two options. Go with Sally and Misty or Dan and Terry. He figures the way things are shaping up, he should be able to go all the way.

    La Mina Tribal Council Happenings

    For Terry, Survivor has been physically tough but not a mental strain...yet. Dan is impressed with how his tribe has come together. Coming into the game, Sally did not think she would care so much about the people on her tribe. Austin praises Terry for catching the fish. Misty thinks everything is wonderful at La Mina. Terry: There has been some talk at camp about who will go tonight. Ruth Marie has noticed people strategizing here and there. Nick is going to vote with the group tonight.

    Misty votes for Ruth Marie. It is what is best for the team. Terry picks Misty. She is a smart girl. We don't see how Austin votes but he says he's sorry. He is voting to make a stronger tribe.

    Final Voting

    1. Misty Giles: Ruth Marie.
    2. Sally Schumann: Ruth Marie.
    3. Terry Deitz: Misty.
    4. Austin Carty: Misty.
    5. Nick Stanbury: Misty.
    6. Ruth Marie Milliman: Misty.
    7. Dan Barry: Misty.

    Once the votes have been counted, Jeff Probst asks Misty if she found the Hidden Immunity Idol. She didn't.

    Tribal Council Victim: Misty Giles.

    Parting Comments

  • "Tonight was definitely a shock to me. I didn't expect it so soon, that's for sure. I was excited and I thought we had a great thing going. It is obvious I was outplayed and outstrategized. I had a good time out there. I met some great, great people. I wish my tribe the best of luck. -- Misty Giles .

    On the next 'Survivor': Internet.

    In a surprising turn of events, a banished Survivor thrives on Exile Island, leaving the tribe struggling for food and fire. The excitement over winning a Reward Challenge immediately causes a stir within one tribe as a tribemate contaminates a prized possession. Constant bickering between tribemates leaves one Survivor regretting an alliance with a bunch of lunatics. After the previous Tribal Council, one Survivor begins to worry. Will valiant effort and competitive nature be enough to keep the castaway in the game?

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Nick: We haven't really had anything to eat. We have about three more days until the entire tribe cannot even get out of bed. Friction rattles the alliance of four. Shane to Danielle: Everyone here won't tell you. Everyone is afraid to tell you the truth. Danielle throws down a shovel and stomps away.

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • What can I say, I got fooled again by the editing. There was no indication Misty was going based on the first two episodes. Her demise was basically played out in one episode. Dan and The Bob Dawg are still on the hit list but for the first stage of the game it is gonna take some detective work and some luck to put the boots in the proper order. There are too many potential boots who are similar in profile and appearance..such as Ruth Marie and Sally. This is causing some confusion. Methinks we haven't cleared the pot holes just yet.

  • Courtney's troubles with Shane probably foreshadow how she ends up being the first of the foursome alliance to hit the bricks. Courtney is playing the situation smartly right now by blowing it off and trying not to escalate things but if she lets Shane get the better of her, she might flub her chances. How Shane is able to get away with his behaviour is beyond me.

  • Ruth Marie's stock might have went up with tonight's episode since Sally was left out of the loop when it came to the vote. The question is will Sally be able to weasel her way back into the core alliance? Also, did Ruth Marie just catch wind of the vote and cast her vote accordingly or is she a member of the voting block? Methinks the men still have it in for the women and either Sally or Ruth Marie is out next for La Mina.

  • What's with the opening being trimmed for the second week in a row? What? Is CBS that desperate for ad spots? Come on. The theme song and the opening profiles are staples of the series. The different theme songs for each series are what gives each instalment its own unique character. I say axe the "last time on Survivor" crap and put the unedited opening back in. The hardcore audience wouldn't miss an episode and I gather the skewered theme doesn't rest well with them. Rule Number One of television: Don't tick off your core audience.

  • It could be that Danielle and Aras are tussling over control of the alliance. With Danielle really wanting Bob Dawg out instead of Melinda and Aras working Shane, there is a noticeable split occurring. Will it be enough to allow Bob Dawg to flip things on them? That's very doubtful. More times than not, the Survivor players go with the sure thing rather than rolling the dice. We could see the start of La Mina getting chopped down to size in the coming weeks.

  • Loved Aras' yoga move during the challenge. Funny stuff that. May the Force be with you, dude. I can't wait until it is Jedi mind trick time. You don't want to vote for me. I don't want to vote for you. You will vote for Shane instead. I will vote for Shane instead.

  • For those who are counting, there are only five female players left on the series. I think this is the first time ever three women were booted in a row right off the bat.

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