March 3, 2006
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Survivor's Bob Dawg neutered
By -- JAM! Showbiz

Bobby 'Bob Dawg' Mason unleashed his revenge on the Frightful Four Alliance on last night's episode of 'Survivor Exile Island'.

I've got a great way to improve the 'Survivor' game: mandatory intelligence testing. Here's how it would work. Ask every potential candidate one question: What is the main ingredient in 'Rice Krispies'? If they answer incorrectly, kick them to the curb and make them hitchhike back to the rock they have been leaving under for their entire lives.

The suggestion may seem a little harsh but enough is enough already. Here we are in the twelfth season of 'Survivor' and players are making the same old stupid mistakes. Either these individuals don't watch the series at all and just applied as a lark or they have the I.Q. of a soggy cabbage.

Anyone who follows the series knows you don't do certain things. You don't boss people around. You don't sit on your butt all day. You don't smuggle or hide food. You don't eat or drink more than your fair share and the list goes on and on.

One of the biggest no-no's is you do not under any circumstances steal from your own tribe. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that in a game where trust is the most valuable commodity, you do everything you can to gain the respect of your fellow players, as it is them who will ultimately decide your fate.

With that in mind, either 'Sensei' Bruce and the Bob Dawg are miracles of science because no human being in history has ever been able to continue living day to day without a functional brain or they just don't care any more. Why else would they sneak away and consume the wine Casaya won at the Reward Challenge without their permission? I would guess that they don't give a darn. Seeing that he was outnumbered, Bobby 'Bob Dawg' Mason raised the white flag as soon as the four tribes became two and Bruce felt he gets no respect from the younger Casaya members. To them, guzzling the precious vino was probably sweet revenge.

At Tribal Council, it was Bob Dawg and not the 'Sensei' who paid the price as Danielle had convinced the other Casaya women beforehand that Bob wasn't loyal and could jump ship back to his old alliance when the tribes merged. Shane Powers had originally floated that reasoning but nobody backed him at the time. Shane swore on his son's life when he guaranteed Bobby a sixth place finish. In keeping with that promise, Shane threw a vote Obi-Wan Aras' way at Tribal Council.

In his goodbye message, Bobby called Courtney, Shane and Danielle "spineless little twerps".

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

La Mina Tribe

1. Sally Schumann.
2. Terry Deitz.
3. Austin Carty.
4. Nick Stanbury.
5. Dan Barry.

Casaya Tribe

1. Courtney Marit.
2. Danielle DiLorenzo.
3. Aras Baskauskas.
4. Bobby Mason.
5. Cirie Fields.
6. Bruce Kanegai.
7. Shane Powers.

La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day 12)

Sally Longstocking: She is proud to be the last girl standing at La Mina.

'Space Man' Dan: He was disappointed in the fact that Ruth Marie was voted out and not Sally.

Sally Longstocking and Nick stroll along. They miss Ruth Marie.

Sally Longstocking: I have never felt so good. I was considered the outsider but I am still here.

Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 12)

'Sensei' Bruce is constructing a Zen rock garden on the beach while Courtney, 'Obi-Wan Aras' and Shane-O- Mac(hiavellian) try desperately to restart the campfire. Bruce is hoping that his garden will calm Casaya's souls. Methinks Bruce has a better chance of encountering a Spinosaurus on the beaches of Panama than bringing peace to this psychotic group but he gets an 'A' for effort.

Obi-Wan Aras to Courtney and Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): What the heck is Bruce doing?

Obi-Wan Aras thinks Bruce's timing is bad. He should be helping with the fire.

Bruce joins the trio. Obi-Wan explains that their situation is dire. They need to light a fire. Bruce tells Aras to get some firewood. Harnessing the dark side energy, Obi-Wan snaps and reprimands Bruce for building the Zen garden. As John Williams conducts "Duel of the Fates" in the background, the Sensei and Obi-Wan square off. Bruce says Aras attacked his character by knocking his Zen garden. He states the remark was "childish". Obi-Wan doesn't appreciate being called childish. Sensei: I didn't call you childish. I said your remark was childish. Aras backs down. He never meant any disrespect. He just wants Sensei to put himself in his shoes. The two combatants shake hands and with that, the duel is over.

Obi-Wan: In this tribe, I am the youngest but feel like the oldest sometimes. I need some peace. I almost wish I could be sent to Exile Island.

Reward Challenge

Out in the water, there are canoes containing bags of beans, rice and also some fish. Each tribe picks one person to retrieve the items one at a time. They then pass off the items to the other tribe members who are lined up assembly line fashion. The last person drops the booty into the appropriate crate. If the item is a fish, they are required to chop off the head and tail before putting it into the bin. The players can tag out at any time. If an item is fumbled, the person who threw it must pick it up and try their throw again.


  • The winners get all of their food, spices, cooking oil, wine and the power to send someone on the rival tribe to Exile Island. The losers can pick either their beans or rice to bring back to camp with them. Casaya sits out Courtney and Danielle.


  • Bruce chops fish really badly. He is so bad, La Mina takes a big lead and he is forced to switch out. Bob Dawg hacks through the fish like a human Gin Su knife shortening La Mina's lead.

  • Winners: Casaya.

  • La Mina will take their beans back to camp. "Out of respect", Casaya once again sends Terry (Tom Westman V2) to Exile Island.

    Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 12)

    Casaya arrives back at camp to find it flooded.

    Cirie: We came back from the challenge and ta-da!, there is a lake here.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) to the others: We win the best reward ever and come home to a swamp. The campfire is out but the water hasn't reached the shelter yet. Bruce starts hacking up the fish for everyone. Since they have no fire, they are gonna eat it raw. Cirie: Is it cool to eat it like this? Cirie is trusting the others that she will not get sick by consuming the raw fish.

    Ob-Wan Aras: At Casaya, it is like two steps forwards and two steps back. At least they are bonding now.

    La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day 12)

    Nick and Austin gorge themselves on beans.

    Austin: Although Casaya won again, it is nice that La Mina has some food to eat.

    When they are done munching, Austin and Nick feel sick to their stomachs. They both run off to vomit in the jungle.

    Austin: I keep throwing up and I just wish this feeling would go away.

    Austin to the others: Maybe we didn't cook the beans enough. 'Space Man' Dan to Nick: Is it coming out of both ends? Nick: Yes.

    Nick: You don't want to know about the gastrointestinal details at this time.

    Both Austin and Nick are shown being sick all through the night.

    Casaya Tribal Happenings (Night 12)

    While everyone else is sleeping, Bruce and Bobby are in the outhouse drinking the tribe's wine. Bruce: They just do what they want to do so we'll just do what we want to do. Bob Dawg: I cannot bond with them so I might as well drink. Bruce to Bob Dawg: I will never vote you out, ever.

    Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 13)

    Courtney surveys the devastation caused by the water. Courtney to Cirie: Like, I don't know where to begin. Courtney wonders where Bobby, Bruce and the wine went. Courtney to Cirie: If they drank the wine, that is so wrong.

    Cirie looks in the outhouse. She finds Bruce sleeping with the empty bottle of wine at his feet. Cirie: I would have to be dead and you would have to pour it down my throat for me to drink the tribe's wine.

    Courtney confronts the Bob Dawg about the missing wine. Bob Dawg: I drank it. I shared it with Bruce. Courtney: How do you feel about that? Bob Dawg: I feel swell about it.

    Courtney: Like, man, I don't trust Bobby. He employed some very bad judgment.

    Bob Dawg tells Courtney, Cirie and Danielle that he wanted to sleep in the shelter but his spot was taken. Bob Dawg doesn't feel the slightest bit upset about drinking Courtney's portion of the win and tells her so.

    The Bob Dawg: Courtney is one of the most annoying people in the entire world.

    Courtney ends the argument. She is going to use her energy to clean up the camp.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 13)

    Since he has already found the Hidden Immunity Idol, Tom Westman V2 has one less thing to do. Tom V2 builds a fire. He is concerned about his tribe not eating well.

    La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day 13)

    They get tree mail with a message in a small coffin about the upcoming challenge.

    Austin: This couldn't have come at a worse time.

    Sally Longstocking: This will really test what we are made of.

    Austin: We are going into the challenge semi wounded.

    Immunity Challenge

    The players have to untie and retrieve bundles of skulls underwater. Once all the pieces are found, they are handed off to the final two players who will form a pyramid with the skulls.


  • Immunity from Tribal Council.


  • Casaya sits out Bruce and Cirie.

  • Winners: La Mina.

    Casaya Pre-Tribal Council Happenings

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) sits with the other Frightful Four and Cirie. As he sees it, Bobby is the easy out. He is sure that Bobby will abandon them and align with La Mina following the merger. Obi-Wan Aras would rather ditch Bruce. He doesn't think Bruce brings anything to the table. Everyone except Shane agrees.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): This is a stupid move. It could come back to harm us.

    Cirie: I am just trying to stay off the radar and let them kill each other off.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) meets with Bob Dawg. Bob Dawg is told he was going tonight but now the vote has been switched to Bruce. Bobby promises on Shane's son's life that he will never betray Casaya. Shane guarantees Bobby Final Six and swears on his son's life.

    Courtney is doing her yoga right in the middle of Bruce's Zen garden. Bruce: She has no respect at all.

    Danielle rallies the women. She believes it is time they made their move to flip the game on the men and take control. She trusts Bruce but not Bobby. The women are down with that plan. They bring Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) in on the conversation. Shane is frustrated. He already warned them about Bobby but now he has made a promise to him. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) busts Courtney's chops about the turnaround. Danielle: Bobby will says anything to stay in the game. Courtney admits Shane was right all along. Cirie: We should have listen to you right from the start.

    Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) has no clue what will go down at Tribal Council.

    Casaya Tribal Council Happenings

    Because he hasn't lit his torch yet, Bruce is instructed to do so by Probst. Probst: When your fire is gone so are you. Shane views Casaya as the dysfunctional functional tribe. They come together at the challenges but camp life is strained. Danielle questions Bruce about the wine. Bruce says that he and Bobby shared it. Bob Dawg claims he drank it because their sleeping spots were taken. Bobby isn't sorry he drank it but apologizes for the way his actions made some of them feel. Cirie: Bobby made a huge mistake. We all fought for that reward. Bobby's reason is not good enough. Bruce: I am just as guilty but if people had a problem with it, they should have spoken to him. Aras: The onus is on you to apologize. Bruce: It was the furthest thing from his mind. He feels that everyone asks for his advice and then challenges what he has to say. Aras: We are your tribe not your students. Danielle: Bruce is just saying that we don't give him the respect he deserves. Bruce says he has taken everyone's feelings to heart and will do better. That is a promise.

    Bruce votes for Courtney. Danielle writes down Bobby's name. He is too egotistical and selfish. Aras picks Bruce. He cannot trust him. We don't see whom Shane votes for but he calls it a throwaway vote.

    Final Voting

    1. Courtney Marit: Bobby.
    2. Danielle DiLorenzo: Bobby.
    3. Aras Baskauskas: Bruce.
    4. Bobby Mason: Bruce.
    5. Cirie Fields: Bobby.
    6. Bruce Kanegai: Courtney.
    7. Shane Powers: Aras.

    Tribal Council Victim: Bobby Mason.

    Shane rolls his eyes as Probst says maybe the honesty from this Tribal Council will bring the group together.

    Parting Comments

  • "I didn't expect to be here this early. I feel like I never really got my game off the ground. I could have played it differently but to be truthful, I just couldn't stomach these jokers. People at Casaya were bonding together out of weakness and out of desperation. Courtney, Danielle and Shane are spineless little twerps, all of them. Being around them made me want to throw up. " -- Bobby Mason.

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Next time on 'Survivor', the women want Shane out. Courtney: It is going to be a stealth chop to the head, guillotine style. La Mina hits rock bottom. A throne or some such structure is shown covered at a challenge while Probst says: A big twist could mean salvation for one and a Tribal Council like never before.

    On the next 'Survivor': Internet.

    Disunity among one tribe results in no sleep for the group as one Survivor's continuous outbursts last throughout the night. A strong tribe is weakening from lack of food and water but finds strength in relationships they are forming on the island. Will this be enough to win the next Challenge? For one castaway, being sent to Exile Island is a blessing rather than a curse. Having an alliance doesn't always guarantee safety as a twist in the game leaves one tribe with a big decision to make and places one Survivor's fate in the hands of another.

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • The intro is gone again. Strange days, indeed.

  • Curious how Bruce has been kept totally out of the loop. His vote at Tribal Council proves that. The Frightful Four are sure alienating many people. One wonders if Aras was told of the voting change-up or not?

  • Courtney's plan to oust Shane probably ends up backfiring as Danielle, Aras and Shane are the real core alliance at Casaya. It could be that once Shane catches wind of the plan and the tables are turned on her quite easily as she has annoyed almost everyone. It is still unclear what Probst meant about Courtney using her time on the island to work through some personal issues.

  • With La Mina doomed for a death spiral, it could be weeks before Casaya has to kick someone. Courtney and Shane might be spared as... 1. There are La Mina peeps to boot. 2. It is rumoured Bruce leaves the game for medical reasons but still makes the jury.

  • A special recap episode could be on the way in two weeks time because of the March Madness tournament.

  • There is great debate whether two males or a male and a female are the final two. We should begin to see some pieces of that puzzle falling into place soon. If Dan is not kicked soon, a monkey wrench could be thrown into the works.

  • What is the "Tribal Council" like never before? It could be how Dan gets voted off even though he is in the Old Boy's Club Alliance. From Ruth Marie's post series interviews, we know that La Mina guessed that Terry had found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Pure speculation: It could be that Terry reveals he has it and has to think about whether to give it to Dan or not to save him.

  • There could be an early merge next episode which is why Sally is so happy at Probst's announcement at the challenge. Since he is targeted as the strongest on the La Mina side of things, Terry might be compelled to use the idol to save himself.

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