March 10, 2006
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'Space Man' blasts off 'Survivor'
By -- JAM! Showbiz

Astronaut Daniel Barry got a hero's farewell on 'Survivor: Exile Island".

Houston, we have a problem.

Although he was voted off last night, real-life astronaut Daniel Barry made his mark on 'Survivor' by playing one of the most honourable and decent games in recent memory. In such a cutthroat contest, Daniel's style of gameplay was indeed a rarity.

Unlike some who blew several microchips upon discovering they were next on the chopping block, Daniel left the game with his head held high by publicly acknowledging he was responsible for La Mina's loss at the combined Reward-Immunity Challenge and should be held accountable at Tribal Council.

Although it was an emotional decision to vote out his pal, even Daniel's kindred spirit at La Mina - Terry Deitz, the ex-fighter pilot - cast his ballot against Daniel. Honouring their friendship, Terry warned Daniel before Tribal Council about how the vote was shaping up so that he wouldn't be blindsided.

Following the painful vote, Terry, Austin and Nick stood respectfully as Daniel saluted them all before blasting off to Loser Island.

What's more exasperating than the Purple Rock of Doom? That's right, folks. It is the dreaded recap episode. It makes an unwanted appearance next Wednesday and due to the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, 'Survivor' won't return until three weeks from now.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

La Mina Tribe

1. Sally Schumann.
2. Terry Deitz.
3. Austin Carty.
4. Nick Stanbury.
5. Dan Barry.

Casaya Tribe

1. Courtney Marit.
2. Danielle DiLorenzo.
3. Aras Baskauskas.
4. Cirie Fields.
5. Bruce Kanegai.
6. Shane Powers.

Casaya Tribal Happenings (Night 14)

At Camp Chaos, Courtney is sleeping on the beach. Everyone else is trying to nod off in the shelter but Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) keeps babbling on and on about how Casaya made the wrong decision at Tribal Council by voting off Bob Dawg. Even though Bruce is right there, Shane suggests he is getting weaker all the time and should be bumped off next. According to Shane, the Frightful Four are always making the wrong choices. Man, would this guy make up his mind already.

Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) places all the blame on Danielle's shoulders. Danielle tries to silence Shane. Danielle: I don't appreciate you directing your anger towards me. Shane announces he wants out of the alliance but he needs them to allow him to take back the promise he made on his son. Shane wants to be a "lone wolf" at the merger. He cannot stand Danielle and Courtney any longer. Danielle demands that Shane Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) stop bashing her. He is crazy and if he wants to argue, they can do so tomorrow. Shane-O- Mac(hiavellian): You are such a victim, Danielle.

Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 15)

While everyone else sleeps, Cirie gives Courtney the lowdown on what Shane said last night about wanting out of the alliance. Courtney: Like, for sure. I would like to release him from the game. Poof!

Cirie with a glint of mischief in her eyes: Courtney had to know about what happened. Everyone now wants rid of Shane. Things couldn't have worked out better for her.

Danielle joins Cirie and Courtney. Danielle: I am such an idiot for convincing him to stay in the game. Out!

Danielle: She is tired of his psycho fits. He's gone next.

Danielle: He is a lunatic and a freak. He wants nothing to do with Courtney and I. Courtney: It will be a stealth kill. We will chop his head off guillotine style.

La Mina Tribal Happenings (Day 15)

'Space Man' Dan sits on the beach alone admiring his surroundings and enjoying the solitude. Dan: It is another day in paradise. I have been 200 miles near here before...vertically.

Sally: All the four guys do is hang around each other. She is the outsider once again. She calls the Boy's Club short-sighted.

Out fishing, Dan tells Nick his secret about being an astronaut. Nick never thought he would meet an actual astronaut. He says Daniel is incredible because he is so humble.

In the hovel, Daniel shares his news with everyone. Daniel: You won't believe how many people said I would never be an astronaut.

Austin: Dan is a pimp, in other words, he is "cool".

Daniel explains to everyone he just didn't feel right keeping the secret from them. Austin: Well, my real name is "John Grisham". You wish, Austin. You wish.

Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 15)

Courtney is so happy the sun is out again. Shane sits alone stewing in his own juices. Shane has it out with Danielle and Courtney. Shane claims it was stupid for them to vote out Bob Dawg over something that happened five days ago. (Editor's Note: What dat?) Shane asks to be let out of his promise. Danielle: Done. Shane: You guys do nothing. Danielle: You lash out at everyone. You are so mean. I don't need this. I came here to enjoy myself and not to be demeaned. Courtney claims Shane is incredibly disrespectful towards her. Shane: Only you two see it that way.

Obi-Wan Aras: I don't want to be in an alliance with Shane any more. I don't like the way he treats people. It is best that the alliance is dissolved. It is a paper tiger now.

Obi-Wan and Shane chat. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): Danielle is a meatball. I screwed myself so bad.

Obi-Wan Aras: I am afraid Shane signed his walking papers unless he apologizes to the girls for what he has done.

Casaya Tribal Happenings (Day 15)

Tree mail arrives in the shape of a skull and reveals that the next challenge will be for Reward and Immunity. Terry (Tom Westman Version 2) to La Mina: We have got to pare the numbers down. We need to be even at the merger. La Mina does a group cheer.

Tom V2: It is Game Seven of the World's Series. If we lose today, Sally is gone.

Reward-Immunity Challenge

Making their way down a marked path in a field, the players have to untie knots to release four huge puzzle pieces. Only one retriever from each tribe can be on the course at a time. Once all four pieces have been recovered, the tribes can solve the spinning puzzle.


  • The winners get a barbecue at a Panamanian village and the right to send someone on the rival tribe to Exile Island. This time though, the person picked will not attend Tribal Council and be immune from the vote. Probst announces that the person sent to Exile Island will be given another clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.


  • Courtney sits out. La Mina has the lead and gets an early start on their puzzle. Dan and Sally cannot figure out the spinning pieces though. Dan is confused and bumbles the challenge. Bruce guides Casaya to victory.

  • Winners: Casaya.

  • Casaya selects Sally to be exiled.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 15)

    Sally: Exile Island is her saving grace. It is a good thing she was exiled as the Boy's Club was sure to vote her off. The clue Sally is given states the Idol will not be found in the shade. Sally: This is a gift. It is a vacation. She has some "girl time" to herself. Sally digs for the Idol near the water barrel.

    Casaya Reward Happenings (Day 15)

    Casaya arrives by boat at the village where children greet them. Casaya hands out toys to the kids. Danielle: It is joyous to see so many children. Everyone eats and eats. Cirie: It is nice to be around some normal people. The children remind her of her own kids at home. Shane offers his clothing to a villager for a cigarette. Shane as he lights the smoke: This is probably a really bad decision. Shane puffs like a chimney. He cannot believe cigarettes have this effect on him. Shane: Nicotine is devastating.

    Cirie is not happy everyone is having a good time and the tribe is healing. It gives Shane some room to backtrack on his behaviour. Shane hugs Danielle. Shane: I am sorry. I should never have treated you like that. Shane swears that in the "real world" he is a totally different person. Danielle accepts Shane's apology. Cirie: Shane easily manipulates Danielle and Courtney. Damn! Everyone is all lovey dovey again.

    Casaya is shown playing soccer and hula-hoops with the kids while Bruce displays his awesome ninja skills for the village. Shane: This has been a touching and overwhelming experience. It has been a great day.

    La Mina Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 15)

    Dan is upset about the challenge loss. Dan explains to Nick that getting the first piece in was the key to challenge and he just couldn't do it.

    Tom V2 and Austin talk in the water. Austin: How do you lose a challenge with a NASA engineer on your team? Austin points to Dan as the weakest person on the tribe.

    'Space Man' Dan to Nick: I will never know why I flubbed the challenge. Nick: It is over now. There is no use revisiting the issue. Dan foresees a tied vote at Tribal Council...unless Austin wants to go home. Nick: I would never vote against Austin.

    Tom V2, Nick and Austin put their heads together. Tom V2: Dan is a friend but he has to do what is best for the team. The fact is, Dan did not come through. Tom V2 feels bad about what will happen at Tribal Council tonight.

    Tom V2 sits with Dan. Dan doesn't understand why he didn't step back and let Sally take over. If he would have made a decision like that in space, someone could die. Tom V2: I promised I would never lie to you. I would take you to the Final Four if I could but I have to decide what is best for the team. Daniel: It was my fault. My bad. I take full responsibility. I was my screw-up and I will take the hit.

    Tom V2: It is going to be an emotional decision. Dan is something else. He sure does have the "right stuff".

    Casaya Tribal Council Happenings

    Austin says Sally is a huge part of the tribe. She was saved today though as she was out next. Tom V2: It was smart of Casaya to pick Sally as it has forced the men to vote out one of their own. Nick: Tonight's vote won't be a surprise. The decision was accepted and it was a very business like atmosphere at camp. Dan: It is me tonight. It is my turn. I take responsibility for the loss. I kind hope it is a tied vote though. Tom V2: He didn't think he would have to be making this decision until the Final Four. What he is going to do tonight is a "managerial decision". Austin admires Daniel. He would never call him weak. Dan: He works hard at camp. He is a good puzzle solver. He doesn't know what happened today. His choice would be a tied vote and then some sort of challenge to determine who goes home. It is amazing how things turn around though.

    None of the votes are shown.

    Final Voting

    1. Terry Deitz: Dan.
    2. Austin Carty: Dan.
    3. Nick Stanbury: Dan.
    4. Dan Barry: Austin.

    Tribal Council Victim: Dan Barry.

    Terry, Nick and Austin stand as Dan salutes them before leaving the Tribal Council area.

    Parting Comments

  • "I was a little surprised by Terry's decision. I would have never voted for Terry but he has got to play his game. I know he did what he felt he had to do. I respect that and I wish them all the best. This was a wonderful adventure. I loved every day out here. Thank you to my family for letting dad go off on another adventure. - Dan Barry .

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    "Next week a special 'Survivor' is on Wednesday. Catch surprising new scenes that will shock and amaze you. Plus, an exclusive look inside the castaways' personal lives. Then, three weeks from tonight, the rewards get bigger. A helicopter is shown touching down. The risks get greater. The players are shown shoving each other at a Challenge. Probst: Take it easy guys. A voice announces: We have a medical emergency. At night, someone is being carried to a helicopter on a stretcher. One castaway could be forced from the game. Don't miss a special 'Survivor' next Wednesday and a new episode three weeks from tonight."

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • As was rumoured long before the series debuted, Bruce is the player taken out of the game due to serious stomach troubles. It is claimed he has an attack, gets medical treatment and returns but then has to leave for good a few days later. He makes the jury.

  • The tribes could merge next episode. That would coincide with Nick or Austin being the next player sent to Loser Island. Tom V2 might have to use that Hidden Immunity Idol sooner than he had planned. Bring on the Tom V2 Immunity streak! I gotta see this.

  • With Danielle accepting Shane's apology, that might explain why when Casaya finally turns on their own, Courtney is the first of the Frightful Four to be fed to the piranhas.

  • A crumby Tribal Council after all the hype. Although I do believed he played a very honest game, CBS went too far with the over-the-top hero edit. CBS and the producers better watch it or they will fall into 'The X-Files' trap of alienating an audience by not delivering on promises. Did they ever find Mulder's sister? The truth is out there.

  • Anyone else have trouble with Tom V2 saying he was making a "managerial decision" at Tribal Council? Gosh, open mouth, insert foot.

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