April 14, 2006
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Selfishness pays off on 'Survivor'
By -- Jam! Showbiz

Sally Schumann is the second member of the 'Survivor Exile Island' jury.

Although we have been conditioned to believe otherwise, being selfish is not always a bad thing.

Facing insurmountable odds, Terry Deitz is playing the best 'Survivor' game he can. The entire Casaya Alliance is just waiting for him to lose one Individual Immunity Challenge and then they will pounce on him. Terry's ace in the hole is the Hidden Immunity Idol. It is his insurance policy and that is why he could not give it up to save the skins of his La Mina Alliance teammates.

Although it was cruel to give them hope with talk of putting it into play, in order to preserve his chances of winning he had no choice but to sacrifice La Mina members at Tribal Council by holding onto the Hidden Immunity Idol. With Sally Schumann taking the Walk of Shame on last night's episode, Terry is now an alliance of one with no human shields left at his disposal barring the Casaya Crazies cutting loose one of their own. Even before the series aired, it was rumoured that Terry would go on a lengthy Individual Immunity Challenge streak. The question at this point is how long will it be before Terry's luck finally runs out?

When the series went on a March Madness hiatus, viewers saw clips of an impending medical emergency. Someone was seen being strechered into an awaiting helicopter. At long last we will see that situation play out next week and it seems that if he didn't have bad luck, 'Sensei' Bruce Kanegai wouldn't have any luck at all.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

Gitanos Tribe

1. Sally Schumann.
2. Terry Deitz.
3. Courtney Marit.
4. Danielle DiLorenzo.
5. Aras Baskauskas.
6. Cirie Fields.
7. Bruce Kanegai.
8. Shane Powers.

Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 22)

Terry (Tom V2) sits with some others around the campfire detailing his extensive military career. Laying in the shelter, Cirie, Danielle and Courtney collectively roll their eyes.

Cirie: Maybe he will break his arm?

Courtney: I cannot believe you just said that.

Cirie: You are right. I apologize.

Tom V2 stupidly asks Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) and Obi-Wan Aras where he fits into Casaya's plan. Shane and Aras respond that he doesn't. Tom V2 says he has no choice but to win everything he can. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) tells Tom V2 that if he wins all of the Individual Immunity Challenges he would gladly drive him to the bank to cash his cheque.

Back in the hovel, Danielle, Cirie and Courtney chat about booting Terry, Sally and then Aras next.

Tom V2: I must kick their butts at everything.

Danielle searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol in the hovel. She cannot find it. Tom V2 must have hidden it.

Danielle: I saw it. It was this furry thing. Terry could be making it all up and pretending to have it.

Aras stops by to chat to the Casaya women. He thinks it is pretty cool to be going up against Tom V2. He believes they will eventually come out on top. Aras: He isn't an American Gladiator or anything. Obi-Wan Aras asks them to send him to Exile Island next. He wants to poke around there to see if Tom V2 found the idol or not.

Aras: I am a huge target. I want to see if I can find that idol.

Reward Challenge

Before the challenge begins, host Jeff Probst brings all the players to a hut. There he shows them clips of their videos from home. Shane cries uncontrollably watching his son. He was born when Shane was 21 and they grew up together. He says his son is his best friend, his brother, his other half and his entire life. Cirie sobs seeing her two children and her husband. She misses them terribly but she is on the series for them.

The tribe is divided into two competing teams. It is Danielle, Aras, Cirie and Shane against Terry, Sally, Bruce and Courtney. Courtney and Danielle lay in slings that are manoeuvred by ropes controlled by the other players on their team. Courtney and Danielle must gather up 15 flags and then put them in their proper slots.


  • Sandwiches, milk, videos from home and the right to choose who is sent to Exile Island.


  • Aras knocks one of his team's flags out and then later on the same thing happens again.

  • Winners: Terry, Sally, Bruce and Courtney.

    Tom V2 goes on about being a "factor" in the challenge again. Tom V2 advises they send Aras to Exile Island because "he can eat anything and will have no problem there." The others agree.

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 22)

    As the losing team arrives back at camp, Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) plays down the loss and tries to lift everyone's spirits. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) asks Cirie for a favour. He thinks there is something wrong with his penis and as the resident nurse, he wants her to take a look. Shane asks her not to laugh. Cirie cannot help herself. Upon closer examination, Cirie gives her diagnosis. Because Shane's clothing is wet all the time, he has a rash. Shane decides to use his shirt as a skirt. Danielle: Yo! I am eating here. Shane calls his new outfit his "chafing skirt". Okay. Too much information already. Yikes.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 22)

    Obi-Wan Aras is delighted to be on the island alone. He can look for the idol and be alone with his thoughts. Aras examines the map and reads the clues. He cannot make sense of them. He chalks that up to mental fatigue. Aras: The problem is the clues say it is under a rock but people have moved so many here. Aras fears Tom V2 has the idol so he is not going to waste a whole lot of time searching for it.

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 22)

    When Courtney, Bruce, Tom V2 and Sally return the others discover the producers have given them their Luxury Items as a bonus. Bruce has his sketchpad, Courtney her fire dancing thingies, Tom an American flag and Sally her journal. Tom V2 drapes his flag over the shelter. He says both his father-in-law and his father were Korean War veterans. They have both passed away. The flag was on his father-in-law's coffin at his funeral. He has placed it on the shelter to honour them. Courtney dances around with his fire thingies. She claims they are "toys for everyone".

    Cirie explains that it is hard to watch others be so happy. She wants to tell them to get lost but she must keep it together and not lose her cool.

    Tom V2 and Sally discuss luring Bruce and Courtney to their side. Tom V2 offers to play the Hidden Immunity Idol again. Sally encourages Tom V2 to play it at the next vote even if he wins Immunity.

    Sally Longstockings: She hopes one of Casaya is sent home tonight. She has hope things will change in their favour.

    Tom V2 trash talks some more. Shane: One goof up on this island and you are gone.

    Immunity Challenge

    Probst shows off a hamburger dinner. Probst gives each player a nut and a shell. Without discussing their decision with one another, they have to offer the nut or the shell as an indication as to whether they will compete in the Immunity Challenge or eat. Only Tom V2, Sally Longstockings and Aras will fight for Immunity. Probst informs the others that they can only eat until the challenge ends.

    Underwater rests a log with a puzzle pattern. The players must commit the pattern to memory, race back to the beach and replicate the puzzle using pieces in a chest. Courtney wishes Aras luck.


  • Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


  • Aras is first to complete the puzzle but gets it wrong. Stuffing his face, Shane asks the players to take their time.

  • Winner: Terry...for the third straight time.

    Gitanos Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 24)

    Tom V2 and Sally celebrate his win.

    The Casaya Crazies debate whether Tom V2 has the Hidden Immunity Idol or not. Aras: Either it is hard to find or he's got it. They agree to heap all of their votes on Sally.

    Aras is well aware that there is a possibility that he is going home tonight.

    In the hovel, Tom V2 shows Bruce the Hidden Immunity Idol.

    Sensei Bruce: He believes Tom V2 does have the idol and he looks forward to what might happen at Tribal Council tonight.

    Sally sits with the Casaya women and suggests a plan. If Tom V2 plays the idol, they can gang up and knock Aras out.

    Off fetching water or firewood, Tom V2 presents Courtney with a deal to join him and Sally. Courtney says she cannot commit at this time but is leaving the door open.

    Cirie and Bruce talk. Cirie thinks Tom V2 has the idol but there is no way he will give it to Sally. That would be the dumbest move ever in 'Survivor' history.

    Courtney does a fire dance before Tribal Council. Tom V2 is shocked that Courtney couldn't make a decision. Sally: If they come away from Tribal Council with the numbers on their side, Tom V2 won't need to fight for Immunity until the final three.

    Tribal Council Happenings

    Tom V2 points out that Aras is his biggest threat. Danielle is miffed that Tom V2 is so competitive and brags a lot. She admits to being frustrated at the fact that they cannot beat him when it comes to Immunity. Cirie is not sure whether Tom V2 has the Hidden Immunity Idol or not. Aras hopes that the Hidden Immunity Idol doesn't make an appearance tonight or he could be voted out. The best thing for him would be if it is used when he has Individual Immunity.

    Sally votes for Aras. Cirie picks Sally. It is nothing personal. Tom V2 writes down Aras' name. Aras is his biggest threat. We don't see the name Courtney writes down but she says the person is a dangerous player.

    Final Voting

    1. Sally Schumann: Aras.
    2. Terry Deitz: Aras.
    3. Courtney Marit: Sally.
    4. Danielle DiLorenzo: Sally.
    5. Aras Baskauskas: Sally.
    6. Cirie Fields: Sally.
    7. Bruce Kanegai: Sally.
    8. Shane Powers: Sally.

    Tribal Council Victim: Sally Schumann.

    Parting Comments

  • "I am not disappointed that Terry didn't give me the Immunity Idol. He has a huge uphill battle ahead of him. I am disappointed that I cannot be there fighting in the trenches beside him but I have found so much inner strength. I learned a lot about myself. I fought hard and I feel great and don't regret it." - Sally Schumann .

    On the next 'Survivor': Internet.

    When a medical emergency sends one Survivor off for treatment, the others are left wondering what will happen next? Will the Survivor be forced to leave the game for good? Honesty isn't always the best policy but in a Reward Challenge, it is the key to winning. Can the Survivors get along afterwards or are some too bitter to forgive and forget? As the lone La Mina, Terry is without allies at camp. His only hope is that the bickering amongst the Casayas continues. Will the old Casaya Tribe self-destruct or will they set their emotions aside and stay focused on the game?

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Bruce is in big trouble. Bruce is shown in pain and clutching his gut. Terry waits for things to fall apart. Terry: These guys are going to have to turn on one another and I want to be the fly on the wall. He doesn't have to wait long. Danielle and Courtney are carrying a cooking pot. Shane in anger: Don't take everything so personal! Shane whispering: Everyone is in big trouble. I am turning the whole game.

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • The battle of the blonde rumours has been decided. Well, sort of. It was either Sally, Courtney or possibly even Danielle sent off to Loser Island tonight. What does this all mean? Courtney may go further into the game then was first thought though conventional wisdom says not much further. She may hang around with the women but Courtney is viewed as an expendable member of the Casaya Crazies. She may be the one who is bitter after the next Reward Challenge which probably has something to do with the Survivors being polled on who is the most trustworthy, who is the most annoying...etc. Danielle very well might be the blonde woman who is sent to Exile Island and doesn't get to see her mom during the family visit later on. That would pour gasoline on the fire when it comes to her rivalry with Tom V2 especially if it is him who decides to exile her.

  • While it is certain that Bruce visits the Survivor hospital, what is not clear is whether he returns or not. If he will not be coming back to play the game, one wonders if they will still hold an Immunity Challenge or will they ceremoniously vote Bruce out of the game thus securing his place on the jury if he is okay to participate later on? Could there be two exits next week? I personally doubt it.

  • Danielle and Aras might have a sub-alliance they are not airing.

  • Does Aras win the final three endurance challenge and take Danielle with him to the jury vote and not Tom V2? Will Austin's bonding with Danielle on Exile Island be the deciding factor in her winning the game? Hmmmm.

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