April 27, 2006
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'Survivor' loses a Casaya Crazy
By -- Jam! Showbiz

Courtney Marit was stunned by last night's Tribal Council vote.

There are many ways you can be considered a threat on 'Survivor'. You can be a challenge beast. You can be a manipulative genius. You can successfully fly under the radar or you can be so darn freaking irritating that nobody would ever throw you a vote at the final Tribal Council.

Unable to shut her yap, Courtney Marit didn't escape detection on 'Survivor: Exile Island'. She wasn't an athletic powerhouse or a scheming mastermind either. She was just annoying. So very, very, very annoying. I mean, you gotta be somewhat of an infuriating personality if the art teacher/Sensei karate master wants to disembowel you with his bare hands. That alone is what made her the perfect player to go up against in the final Tribal Council vote and is what greased the plank for her exit on last night's episode.

As the final six jockeyed for position and some rethought their loyalties, the core alliance in the Casaya Crazies - Danielle, Aras and Cirie - stuck together and stuck it to both Individual Immunity hog Terry and perhaps one of the most entertaining and equally exasperating players in 'Survivor' history: Shane Powers. With their meal ticket taking up residence on Loser Island and the vote at Tribal Council going against their wishes, both have been hung out to dry.

Besides Courtney getting the heave-ho, 'Survivor' fans had another reason to celebrate. Bruce Kanegai who was evacuated from the game due to a serious illness on last week's broadcast, returned looking well and took his seat on the 'Exile Island' jury at Tribal Council.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

Gitanos Tribe

1. Terry Deitz.
2. Courtney Marit.
3. Danielle DiLorenzo.
4. Aras Baskauskas.
5. Cirie Fields.
6. Shane Powers.

Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 28)

Tom V2: Though he was sad to see him go, Bruce's departure was good for Terry. He got to skip an Immunity Challenge. The twist bought him some more time. He knows he's got to make some friends before the next Immunity Challenge arrives.

Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian)finds a piece of wood that resembles a Blackberry. The whacko sits on his "thinking chair" and begins messaging people.

Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): I can message my business partner and my son. People who aren't even on this island.

Danielle: Come on. He's nuts.

Reward Challenge 1

The tribe will be divided into two teams. Clipped to a rope, they must make their way through an obstacle course in the water and retrieve three bags.


  • A beach barbecue and the right to choose who is sent to Exile Island.


  • It is Aras, Cirie and Shane versus Danielle, Terry and Courtney. Aras' team becomes tangled in the water and they never make up the time they have lost.

  • Winners: Terry, Danielle and Courtney.

    The winners chat things over. Terry terms Aras as a threat to them all. They end up sending him to Exile Island. Probst sends Cirie and Shane back to camp. When they are gone, he reveals a second Reward Challenge.

    Reward Challenge 2

    It is a slingshot competition. The first to blow away their three targets wins.


  • A new car.


  • Terry and Courtney are pretty much dead even.

  • Winner: Terry.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 29)

    Obi-Wan Aras knows full well that Terry has the Hidden Immunity Idol so he won't bother spending any time looking for it. Obi-Wan Aras: That part of the game is out of my control.

    Reward Happenings (Day 29)

    Tom V2 calls his new vehicle "righteous". Tom V2: The last thing my wife said to me as I walked out the door was that I at least better bring her home a car. Courtney: It is nice to be on the winning side for a change.

    As they sit and eat, Terry works his mojo on Courtney. He suggests that with Danielle and Cirie, they form a final four pact. It doesn't take much to convince Courtney to go along with the plan. Courtney wants Shane and Aras out next. Courtney: Like, if I join up with the Terry dude, I've got a shot at winning the million.

    Tom V2 meets with Danielle next. Tom V2 thinks if they include Cirie in the final four, it will better all of their chances. Danielle is not so sure about the scheme.

    Danielle: It is a given Terry wants Aras out. I don't think we should make it so easy for him to win a million dollars.

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 29)

    Shane and Cirie reaffirm their final five pact. Shane would like to vote Danielle off and keep Courtney.

    Cirie ain't stupid. She knows full well that Shane wants Courtney around so that he can walk right through the final Tribal Council vote. In Cirie's mind, that makes Courtney even more dangerous than Terry.

    Cirie tries her hand at fishing. Cirie to Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian): I will be back with some fish.

    Cirie: I used to go fishing with my dad. How hard can it be?

    Breaking up some snails to put on her line, Cirie acts like she is handling dynamite. She screeches and yelps like a howler monkey. As she cracks them, she offers apologies to the snails. Much to her surprise, Cirie does catch a fair sized fish. Like she has a cobra on her line, Cirie gingerly drags the fish back to camp. As she nears, she sings happy birthday to Shane. Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) is stunned. Shane: That is unbelievable! Shane says how proud he is of Cirie as he hugs her.

    Cirie: The look on Shane's face made it all worth it.

    When Danielle, Terry and Courtney return, Cirie shows off her fish.

    Cirie: It was a joy to wait so they could see the fish too.

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 29)

    Danielle and Tom V2 chat. Danielle insists that she knows why Terry wants to bring Courtney to the end. Terry claims he hasn't made up his mind about that. Danielle does not want to settle for third place. Tom V2 suggests that they should do things in a fair manner when it comes down to himself, Danielle and Courtney. Whomever finishes first and second in the final Immunity Challenge will automatically move on. Danielle sees that as a good solution.

    When Danielle reveals the final three plan to Courtney, she is not happy at being considered the weak link.

    Courtney: It was an insult to be termed as the person carried into the final three. Who did she think she was speaking to?

    Courtney lets Danielle know she is pissed off at the suggestion. Courtney: We all earned the right. Cirie comes in mid-conversation and wants to know what is up.

    Cirie: Terry is brainwashing Danielle. Why would he take Danielle? Why can't she see through Terry's plan?

    Cirie tells Danielle she cannot let Terry dictate how things will shake out. Cirie: If you believe he will pick you over Courtney, I have a bridge I want to sell you in Brooklyn.

    Immunity Challenge

    The players must knell and hold ropes while weights corresponding to their individual body weight are added. It is an endurance deal and the last person standing...or is that knelling?...wins.


  • Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


  • Shane is out in 13 minutes, Cirie in 18, Danielle in 19, Aras in 23 and Courtney in 31.

  • Winner: Terry...for the fourth straight time.

    Gitanos Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 29)

    Courtney thinks that nobody can beat Tom V2 so their alliance is solid.

    Courtney and Tom V2 feel good. Aras is going home tonight.

    Cirie blabs Terry's scheme to Obi-Wan Aras and Shane. Shane: This is it. Danielle is gone.

    Cirie: I want to mess up both Terry and Shane's plan. Courtney is the most dangerous and is she going somehow, some way.

    Cirie confers with Aras and Danielle. They must get Courtney out. Aras agrees them three gotta stick together. Cirie asks them not to mention anything to Shane. They will have to deal with his wrath for sure.

    Danielle: I gotta do what is best for me.

    Cirie: I don't know if I can count on Danielle. She gets flustered in situations like these. She has to stick with the plan.

    Tribal Council Happenings

    Everyone claps and cheers when Bruce enters the Tribal Council area. Probst informs everyone that Bruce will be a part of the jury. Terry says it was awesome to bond with his Reward Challenge team. Cirie is not clueless. She knows that some strategizing went on. Cirie: If your torch is still lit, you are still playing the game. Terry understands he has to keep winning Individual Immunity Challenges. Aras realizes he could go home tonight. Shane: Tonight, we will eat one of our own and it will be dramatic. It is too early to be thinking final four. The path hasn't been cleared yet. Danielle's brain is sore from trying to figure out the final phase of the game. Courtney is sure that her status in the tribe has returned to a clean slate of sorts.

    Cirie votes for Courtney: It is a strategic move after the things she has heard. Terry writes down Aras' name. He couldn't ask for a better rival. Shane votes for Danielle. Shane: You can eat as much as you want and I never have to know you again. Courtney writes down Aras' name. Courtney: I love you, brother. It is just strategy.

    Final Voting

    1. Terry Deitz: Aras.
    2. Courtney Marit: Aras.
    3. Danielle DiLorenzo: Courtney.
    4. Aras Baskauskas: Courtney.
    5. Cirie Fields: Courtney.
    7. Shane Powers: Danielle.

    Tribal Council Victim: Courtney Marit.

    Parting Comments

  • "I am just completely shocked right now. My sisters that I unfortunately trusted turned on me. I guess they saw me as too much of a threat for going to the final two but that's the way it goes. Life goes on from here. I am going to continue to live my dreams and make it happen. That's what matters." - Courtney Marit .

    On the next 'Survivor': Internet.

    In a heated argument, one Survivor spots a major weakness in another. Can this weakness be used? With just five Survivors remaining, one holds the power to change the game with a vote. Who is it? With love on the line, it's an all-out battle to win the next Reward Challenge. Who wins the love? Who is left with a night alone on Exile Island? With four straight Immunity wins under his belt, Terry knows he must keep his winning streak going to stay in the game. Will his luck finally run out?

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Probst: Aras and Cirie cover their tracks. Shane accuses Cirie of pulling a fast one. Aras to the group: In my mind, there is no choice. Probst: Aras has had enough. Aras: You are starting to offend me. The Survivors are shown at some sort of challenge. Shane is crying. Probst: Shane is brought to his knees.

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • Is Courtney that bad? I don't think so. She just needs to figure out how to read people better. What is that about a road being paved with good intentions?

  • Why is Shane bawling on his knees? It is time for the loved ones visit and he gets to see his son. It is rumoured that Terry wins the reward and is able to pick who gets sent to Exile Island. He supposedly boots Danielle. That doesn't sit well with her at all.

  • For those who have been waiting since his first appearance on the series, next week could be Shane's curtain call. The odds are good that Terry wins Individual Immunity once again and the core Casaya Crazies alliance has no choice but to target Shane. Since he was completely left out of tonight's voting strategy by all parties, Shane has to know his number is up.

  • It just might be time for Cirie and Terry to form a sub-alliance with Danielle and Aras holding true to their coalition. The gossip mill states that there is a tie at Tribal Council during the final four voting and that Danielle and Cirie battle in a "make a fire" challenge. Hmmm. The question is...How does the vote become tied and when does the Hidden Immunity Idol come into play or does it?

  • Will Terry win seven Individual Immunity Challenges in a row thus putting him in the final two or will Aras best him in the end? Stay tuned, folks.

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