May 5, 2006
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Survivor's final four decided
By -- Jam! Showbiz

The unpredictable Shane Powers left 'Survivor' without a bang on last night's show.

They're coming to take him away. They're coming to take him away to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.

In actuality, Loser Island ain't exactly the funny farm for Shane Powers, although the producers do have head-shrinkers on the medical staff, you know, just in case. Easily the most unpredictable 'Survivor' ever to play the game, Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) did one thing if nothing else on the series: he made an impression. Whether good or bad, it really makes no difference at all. Love him or hate him, you will certainly never forget him and that's what really matters.

Despite his manic behaviour throughout the run of the 'Exile Island' instalment, Shane took being backstabbed at Tribal Council rather well. There were no zany outbursts or furious implosions. Honestly, it was all rather disappointing to see Demento Dad just revel in the fact that he would be eating a delicious ice cream bar real soon. Maybe seeing his son calmed him down. Maybe he, like the majority of the viewers, knew in his heart of hearts that he wasn't part of the core Casaya Crazy Alliance and nothing was going to change that.

With Shane taking the Walk of Shame, 'Survivor: Exile Island' has its final four in Terry Deitz, Danielle DiLorenzo, Aras Baskauskas and Cirie Fields. Breaking away from tradition somewhat, there will be another regular episode next Thursday and only three will move on to the finale next Sunday, May 14th, unless there is a cliff-hanger tie-breaker challenge at Tribal Council that carries over to the finale. Whichever the case, you can bet the finale will have more padding than a department store Santa at Christmas time.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

Gitanos Tribe

1. Terry Deitz.
2. Danielle DiLorenzo.
3. Aras Baskauskas.
4. Cirie Fields.
5. Shane Powers.

Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Night 30)

Walking back to camp in the dark, Shane-O-Mac(hiavellian) starts his grand inquisition. He wants to know why Courtney is toast. Aras blames it all on Cirie. Cirie claims it was Danielle. Cirie tells Shane that the decision changed right before Tribal Council and they had no time to tell him. Shane insists someone should have let him in on the plan. Cirie says they aren't trying to pull a fast one on him and he has nothing to worry about. Shane is sure Danielle has to go next.

Sitting around the camp fire, Shane is overjoyed that Courtney is not with them any longer. Shane: It is good that moron is gone and not here running her mouth.

Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 30)

Terry (Tom V2): Last night at Tribal Council was the fifth time he failed to form a new alliance. Danielle shook hands on a deal and betrayed him. Her head is next on the chopping block and he doesn't care.

Reward Challenge

A four stage obstacle course incorporating material from past challenges. During each stage, a player will be eliminated. Stage One: Dig in the sand for a bag. Stage Two: While carrying the bag, untie a wooden snake. Stage Three: While carrying the bag and snake, untie a fish. Stage Four: With the bag, snake and fish, climb and crawl through wooden tunnels and towers.


  • The winner will decide who gets to spend time with their loved ones and who goes to Exile Island.


  • Stage One: Shane is out. Stage Two: Cirie is gone. Stage Three: Danielle is toast. Terry and Aras battle in the final phase. Things are close until Aras drops his bag through the wooden bars. It falls on the ground below out of Aras' reach. Terry cruises to victory.

  • Winner: Terry.

  • Terry makes his picks. He and his wife Trish will go to the villa resort and stay overnight. So will Shane and his son Boston. Cirie will take her husband H.B. back to camp. Aras will get a hug from his mom before she leaves. Danielle is sent to Exile Island and will not get any contact with her mother other than briefly chatting with her. Danielle is seething.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 30)

    Danielle is disappointed. It "really sucked" not to be able to even hug her mother. As she chops a coconut, she wishes it was Terry's head. Danielle: It is all good. He will get his. I ruined his plan to take Courtney to the finals and I don't care.

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 30)

    Cirie and Aras show her hubby around camp. Cirie: It is funny as he didn't know what to expect. He is shocked at our primitive life. When the fire pops, her hubby dashes away comically shouting "It's shooting! Man down! Man down!". Cirie calls her hubby a total couch potato. Cirie appreciates how far she has come. Maybe she underestimated herself all these years. She now believes she can do anything she puts her mind to.

    Reward Happenings (Day 30)

    In the villa, everyone finds a fully stocked fridge. Tom V2 and Shane are in heaven. Trish is shocked at how thin Terry is. She cannot wait to get him home and get him back to his "studly self". Shane and his son spend some time together outside. Shane: I got to see my son. I am grateful that I didn't quit. Shane knows that Boston would have killed him if he did quit. Shane admits to his son that he lost it the first week or so.

    In their room, Tom V2 shows his wife the Hidden Immunity Idol. Trish: That is a good thing to have. At dinner, Trish joins in on the strategizing. She thinks the finals will be all men. Shane comments that he knows Tom V2 has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Trish claims Tom V2 has never shown it to her.

    Shane: He cannot believe how competitive Terry's wife is by scheming at the dinner table.

    After dinner, Shane and Boston lounge outside. Shane: It has been hard without you. Boston admits that his dad is more like his brother. They do everything together.

    Getting ready for bed, Tom V2 says it will be wonderful to cuddle with his wife again. As the lights go out, Trish says to Terry: I'll be good to you. Wooha!

    Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Day 31)

    No sooner is H.B. awake then Cirie puts him to work. Cirie says she and Aras have to conserve their strength. H.B.: They are working me like a dog. They are killing me out here. A boat arrives and it is time for H.B. to go. Cirie as they hug and kiss: I don't want you to go.

    H.B. crying: I am so proud of Cirie. She is doing this for our family. She is taking this risk for us. She is my hero.

    Cirie: Having H.B. here made me realize why I am doing this in the first place. It is for my family. It is so they can have a better life.

    A boat comes ashore with Terry and Shane. Terry brags to Aras that he didn't get much sleep last night. Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. Say no more. At the camp fire Tom V2 says the decisions were easy because Danielle just didn't get to see her mom. She is 24. There is no harm in that. Aras takes exception to that comment. He claims his mom is his rock and Terry has no right to say what he did. Terry says that when Aras gets married he will understand.

    Tom V2: A 24-year-old tried to lecture me. He came unglued and maybe I can use that to my advantage.

    Aras: I know I lost it but Terry is feeding the fire in me.

    Immunity Challenge

    The players must stand on a perch 20 feet above the water and lower a small can into the water. They then must pour water into a bamboo shoot below which holds a flag. First one to obtain their flag wins.


  • Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


  • Terry and Aras are pretty close but Terry has the better pouring strategy. Shane bungles the challenge altogether by pouring water in the wrong hole.

  • Winner: Terry...for the fifth straight time.

  • Shane mimics Probst: For one of you, the game ends tonight. Dum. Dum. Dum. Dum.

    Gitanos Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 31)

    Tom V2: Today was a huge win for me. With the Hidden Immunity Idol, I am in the final three. What a relief. The pressure is off me.

    As Danielle walks on the beach alone in the distance, Shane and Obi-Wan Aras conspire. Shane: She is so depressed because she is gone.

    Shane talks to Tom V2 about Danielle. Shane: She is a little princess. She gets anything she wants from her daddy and her boyfriend. Tom V2: She blew me off. Tom V2 thinks it would be cool if it was him and Shane in the finals.

    Tom V2: My case speaks for itself. I had a huge target on my back the whole time. It should be a no-brainer even for a jury full of Casayas.

    Danielle and Aras joke about how Shane thinks she is going home tonight. Danielle: He doesn't have a clue.

    Aras: Because of the Courtney thing, I have no obligation to keep my alliance with Shane any more. I have set him up for the fall and he won't suspect a thing.

    Danielle: I have a strong bond with Aras and Cirie. I trust Cirie with my life.

    Shane speaks to Cirie. Shane wants to make sure the vote for Danielle is going down as planned...not like what happened last time. He asks to be told ahead of time if he is being voted out.

    Shane: I am totally safe. At this point, I feel I can beat anyone.

    Aras to Cirie about voting Shane out: We cannot defend this one.

    Cirie: There is going to be huge fireworks at Tribal Council. It will be like the Fourth of July.

    Tribal Council Happenings

    Tom V2 states that it was tough to decide who got love. Cirie was glad to hear that her hubby is proud of her. Shane says the time with his son was magical. When he was sitting with him outside, he honestly knew that there was no place he would rather be in the whole world than there with his son. Aras thinks the rivalry with Terry is fun. It will just take one mistake and Terry is history. Terry rolls his eyes. Aras takes a dig at Terry saying the 'Survivor' game isn't all about challenges. Shane thinks he can be trusted. He has never lied or cheated in the game. Danielle: Making moves to better your position is how you play the game. Shane says in front of the jury he would have more rust on him than the other players. He would be a good candidate to take to the end. Danielle is scared. She was away at Exile Island and wonders if alliances changed in her absence.

    Aras votes for Shane. Aras: Sorry, bro. Shane writes down Danielle's name but we don't hear what he said.

    Final Voting

    1. Terry Deitz: Aras.
    2. Danielle DiLorenzo: Shane.
    3. Aras Baskauskas: Shane.
    4. Cirie Fields: Shane.
    5. Shane Powers: Danielle.

    Tribal Council Victim: Shane Powers.

    When Shane is voted out, Courtney buries her head in her hands. As his torch is being snuffed, Shane says he will be eating ice cream soon.

    Parting Comments

  • "Ah, I got duped. I was blindsided. I really thought me, Aras and Cirie were locked in. This will be the toughest thing I ever do in my life. I just want to tell you BoBo that I love you so much. I am sorry. I tried my hardest. Daddy is proud of himself although I am disappointed." - Shane Powers.

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Probst: Cirie stands up to Terry. Cirie: What are you talking about? You cannot talk to people like that. Probst: The Aras - Terry rivalry gets personal. Aras and Terry are shown butting heads at a challenge. Danielle makes a move. Danielle is speaking to Terry. Terry: We are really going to the finals? Danielle: It is the right time to align myself with Terry.

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • As we can see from Courtney's reaction at Tribal Council that she still feels stung by the Casaya women voting her out. Danielle and Cirie probably won't be getting any votes from her at the final Tribal Council, if they make it that far.

  • The rumour mill has stated for the longest time that the next Tribal Council ends in a tied vote. The question of who is voted out is settled by an impromptu challenge just like what happened to Bobby Jon and Stephanie a few seasons back. What isn't clear is whether we will see the conclusion of that challenge on next Thursday's episode or will the producers save that for the opening of the finale?

  • How the final three shakes out is still a mystery. There are two schools of thought and each has different opinions. There was the Danielle betting spoiler but we must remember that it doesn't prove Danielle wins the entire game just that she goes far. Danielle siding with Terry so late in the game might be the reason why some former players don't respect her.

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