May 12, 2006
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'Survivor' leaves viewers hanging
By -- Jam! Showbiz

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst.

It is the three little words 'Survivor' fans have never seen before: "To be continued".

With a tied Tribal Council vote and a sudden death fire-building challenge underway between Danielle DiLorenzo and Cirie Fields, last night's episode of 'Survivor: Exile Island' ended without either player taking the dreaded Walk of Shame. To witness the outcome of that contest, viewers will have to turn into the series finale this Sunday night. Evil producers. Evil, evil producers.

If the cliffhanger ending wasn't bad enough, Terry Deitz never used the much-hyped Hidden Immunity Idol he carried with him throughout almost the entire series. The final four vote is the record books and the Hidden Immunity Idol is now null and void. Not that Terry needed it much in the final phase of the game anyways with all those consecutive Individual Immunity Challenge victories.

Like the Hidden Immunity Idol, the Casaya Crazies Alliance is also toast as the final four quickly divided into two opposing partnerships. Both sent to Exile Island by Reward Challenge winner Aras, Danielle and Terry made another pact with Danielle promising to keep her word this time around. Cruising through the Panama Canal, Aras and Cirie agreed to stick together since they have always had such a tight bond.

In the finale promo, Terry and Aras are shown battling it out in a wall scaling challenge. It is not clear whether it is for Reward or Immunity although there is usually no Reward Challenge in the final episode.

The Survivors at the start of the broadcast were:

Gitanos Tribe

1. Terry Deitz.
2. Danielle DiLorenzo.
3. Aras Baskauskas.
4. Cirie Fields.

Gitanos Tribal Happenings (Night 33)

Walking back to camp in the utter darkness, Cirie drops her torch. Problem is she dropped it with Tom V2 behind her. Taking offence at the action he addresses Cirie as if she were a child. Terry: Is that where that goes? Terry then makes a comment that Cirie would slap her kids if they did something like that. This sets Cirie off who insists she does not treat her children like that and Tom V2 has no right to speak to her in that way. Cirie: Sorry, King Terry. Aras accuses Tom V2 of ruining the final four moment they are sharing. Obi-Wan Aras says Tom V2 shouldn't be arguing with a 35-year-old woman about where she can leave her things. Tom V2 goes off in a huff to bed.

Tom V2: I didn't come here to make friends.

Aras to Danielle and Cirie: We're in the final four. Congratulations everyone. We did it.

Cirie: Terry is just mad because his other option, Shane, is gone.

Reward Challenge

Using clasps, the players must follow a rope course to several stations and count the number of items there. The numbers are then used to open three locks which releases a flag.


  • A yacht trip through the Panama Canal and the power to exile someone.


  • On the course, Tom V2 gets frustrated that Cirie and Danielle are working to block him. He shoves Obi-Wan Aras. Probst warns Terry and Aras to cut it out. Having to recheck his numbers, Aras visits multiple locations. Tom V2 demands a clarification of the rules. He thought you could only visit one station at a time. Probst says you can visit more than one when you have all of your numbers. Aras mocks Tom V2: Someone call the "whambulance". Terry is crying.

  • Winner: Aras.

    Terry wants further clarification from Probst. Aras says Terry always whines when he gets smoked. Aras: What are you going to do? Say something bad about women now? Tom V2 fumes: That's real mature. Probst informs Aras he gets to take someone on the Reward and the two remaining players will be sent to Exile Island. Obi-Wan Aras selects Cirie.

    Exile Island Happenings (Day 34)

    Tom V2 speaks to Danielle about Aras. Tom V2: He gets too emotional. All I wanted was a final ruling to see how I messed up. I have not made a nasty remark about women my whole time out here. I have to act like a 46-year-old and calm things down.

    Danielle and Tom V2 agree to team up.

    Danielle: With Aras picking Cirie, it tells me it is the right time to align with Terry. I am not here to make friends. I am here to win a million dollars. Danielle will try to finagle the Hidden Immunity Idol from Tom V2.

    Danielle to Tom V2: I swear on it now. We cannot let Aras win.

    Reward Happenings (Day 34)

    Insert gratuitous footage of the Panama Canal trip here. Cirie: I have always felt closer to Aras. Cirie and Aras shore up their alliance. When Aras and Cirie return back to camp, Cirie comments that the beach almost looks beautiful from way out in the water. Although she has spent so many miserable days at camp, she feels happy to be back for some reason.

    Aras goes to lay in the shelter and starts letting out gas. Cirie splits the scene. As Aras sleeps, Cirie works on starting a fire to surprise him. She ends up making one. Aras is proud of Cirie. Aras: I am impressed. You've come so far, Cirie.

    Immunity Challenge

    With puzzle pieces to give them the co-ordinates, the players then use ropes to locate the positions of other puzzle bags in their individual sand pits. First one to solve all three of their puzzles wins.


  • Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


  • Cirie and Danielle aren't even close.

  • Winner: Aras.

    Gitanos Pre-Tribal Council Happenings (Day 36)

    Tom V2 and Aras hold a private meeting. Tom V2: Your comment at the Reward Challenge was indefensible and slanderous. Aras is sorry. Aras: I apologize and take full responsibility for my actions. The two shake hands. At the campfire, Danielle and Cirie wonder what Aras and Tom V2 are talking about. Cirie and Danielle know they are in for a stalemate at Tribal Council. Cirie is sure the tiebreaker will be a fire-building challenge.

    Danielle and Tom V2 cement their strategy. Tom V2 shows Danielle how to build a fire and she practices. Off on their own, Aras insists Cirie will do fine. He gives her advice and wants her to have fun as she has accomplished so much already.

    Cirie: She wants Danielle to think she has the upper hand. Danielle: I am good at starting fires but you never know. Danielle says she isn't finished working on Tom V2. She wants that Hidden Immunity Idol.

    Tribal Council Happenings

    Probst finds it interesting that each of the starting tribes are represented in the final four. Aras thinks there has been a momentum shift. He knew that if he just kept trying he would score Immunity. Terry insists he doesn't feel vulnerable. Cirie: We has always suspected Terry has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Terry: I am even not sure that I have it. Cirie says she is thankful for the experience. After 35 years, she realizes she underestimated herself. Danielle: She has learned to have more patience with different personalities. I am great at making a fire. Terry: I have proved I can still hang with those who are younger. I have learned more patience and will take that back home with me.

    Although we are not shown the votes, the balloting is tied with Danielle and Cirie getting two votes each. Probst breaks out the fire-building challenge. Cirie and Danielle take their seats to begin. To be continued...

    On the next 'Survivor': Television.

    Announcer: A deadlocked vote. Probst: Danielle and Cirie. A tiebreaker challenge. Announcer: Survivor finale Sunday begins with an elimination and then three will go to Exile Island. Who will it be? Sweet Cirie has a tough side. Aras, the peace-loving warrior. Danielle, the underdog. Terry, the dominator. And in the closest finale in 'Survivor' history, one winner will be crowned."

    Powell's Thoughts:

  • If you were watching the promo carefully, you saw them reuse footage from previous challenges with Terry jumping off a pole and Danielle carrying a puzzle bag from tonight's show. What could it all mean?

  • As you might have read in the past here on Jam!, the outcome of the fire-building challenge was spoiled months ago. According to the rumour mill (ChillOne), Cirie loses and Danielle moves on. What we are not sure about is how things play out after that. There are two schools of thought and each is focused on whether Terry makes it to the final two or not. The betting scandal involving Danielle might also figure into the mix too.

  • For my finale picks and predictions, check out the 'Tale of the Torch' this Sunday.

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